Hard to follow my last post

I've had many things to post up here recently but it's really hard to follow my last post... I guess my only choice is to just do it. So, my dear friend Gregg has been gone a month now and it's still hard. He's in my thoughts everyday! Everytime I get in my car I like to think he's riding along in spirit! Along those same lines, Trish and I took a nice cruise through Kettle Moraine Last weekend for a nice "spirited" drive. Then last night we went for a "cruise" on my sailboat, it was CRAZY gusty out... we hauled ass out there, plenty of excitement on the catamaran!

In other news, I have a fancy new gallery thingy on my page, check it out, the far left button brings up the summary of galleries, it's all fancy!

We will miss you, Gregg

There is so much news to report but none is more important than to say that I will very deeply miss my friend, Gregg Deimer. He was a very dear friend of mine who passed away last week after a two year struggle with Melanoma cancer... he was only 32 years old. He was an amazing person, there are so many good things to say about him but most of all he was a very happy person who was always laughing and making others laugh as well. He was very passionate about vw's, aviation, music (drumming), family, and friends. I love you man!

Transformers is so kick ass!

You need to see it! I saw a sneak preview last night and it was sooooo kick ass! Best movie I've seen in a LONG time! Make plans, go see it in the theater!

Only in Wisconsin

Will you find "condiment udders"... I was at a car show this weekend and when I visited the food stand at the drag strip, I found these:

Check out the full gallery at: Dubs in the Valley.

Finally got the hobie out!

Finally got my catamaran on the dock down at the lake... Took it out for a couple hours last Sunday and somebody took a pic and was nice enough to send it to me!

It's finally warming up

Since the weather is starting to finally get nice, I suppose I can post an update as to whats new in my world these days.

Lets see... where to start? I played in a USA Hockey Adult Classic tournament in Chicago.. we took 2nd, :( lost 1-0 in the final game. What else? I've been playing a lot of disc golf lately. Mainly cause its fun and free. Lots of local courses to play, its a good time. My catamaran will get in the water soon, can't wait for that. What else? Oh, I actually went flying again. It's been a LONG time since I had an entry for my logbook, but I did some freight dogging with Pat, we fly down to Milwaukee, pick up some radioactive containers and fly them to Upper Michigan and then back home. All that fun starts at 3am, here is a picture I took out of the window this morning of the sun rising over Lake Michigan/Door County:

Holy crazy busy weekend!

Wow... what a weekend. 4 hockey games, a photo shoot, lots of drinking and partying, and a benefit concert. I'd have to say that it was a good time though! I should have taken the day off though, man am I tired! Getting up at 6 on a Sunday is not in my nature!

The charity event for Gregg and Trish went very well! I don't have totals yet on the money earned, but I think it exceeded my thoughts by a great deal! It was sweet to see Gregg and Adam playing with Copperbox on stage!

Oh dear.. could it be... an update?

Yes folks, it's an update... do you believe it? I know it's been a crazy long time since I posted. In my defense, I didn't really have access to update after I moved servers because I didn't have sql enterprise mgr loaded. But thats a bogus excuse.

So whats new with me? Not too much, working, playing hockey, working on my car, and dreaming about warm weather sailing. Actually, I started playing ffxi again, really enjoying that. Branden and Karl are both playing as well.

What else? hmm, I'll probably be playing some paintball again since I have a couple new friends who are both "in" to it. No new gear though, working on saving some cash these days.

New toy!

I got a new toy... it's a 1982 Hobiecat 16. It's a 16' catamaran and it's a blast to sail! I've been too busy playing with the cat and doing other stuff to really post.. sorry kids. I'm sure as time goes on and it gets cold out, I'll have more time to blather here on my blog.

Hockey tryouts started last night. I think I can make the team again, I'll post back later on.

Back from sailing.. Again

I just got back from sailing on the East Coast again. My Uncle was nice enough to invite me out on his boat again. After we attended my cousin Nick's wedding in Boston, we headed to Rhode Island to get on the boat. The trip included sailing to Martha's Vineyard and a trip to Nantucket. We had a great time but it wasn't without some adventures, especially the trip back to Rhode Island. Enjoy the gallery of pictures: Click Here.

New galleries

I've been pretty busy as of late, so I haven't posted at all.. too bad for you. Anyways, I went to the Volksport VW show in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and brought home the trophy for the Corrado class again. It's a pretty sweet show. Check out the Volksport GALLERY.

Also, I spent a couple of weekends at Road America and have galleries up for those as well:AMA superbike gallery and June Sprints 06 gallery.

I'm BACK. :)

Sailing was a BLAST! We had a few "adventures" along the way but Pete, Timmy, and I all had a great time at Martha's! The stories are too long to post here... but the short story is... we left Newport, Rhode Island, in the fog and had one stop overnight before getting to Edgartown. We had some engine troubles just prior to getting to Edgartown which left us in a tough spot... all the boatyards were closed for the holiday weekend and we weren't sure our patch job would hold, so we ended up just doing some day sails from Edgartown instead of going to Nantucket. Which was fine, the weather was AWESOME and we had a great time sailing just off the shore of the Vineyard. We then sailed to another town on Martha's and tired to buy some parts, we were unsuccessful in those attempts too... but we made the best of it and still had a wonderful time! The patch job ended up holding for the entire trip. We had some dingy issues too, which meant that I was the "row" machine. :) I volunteered, actually.


You want the gallery? Here you go. :) Martha's Vineyard gallery

Come sail away...

It's been said like 5 times in the office since I told people that I'm going sailing next week... Anyways... I'm going sailing with my Uncle Pete next week.. we leave Boston on Thursday... going to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Should be a blast! I've been practicing my sailing knots for a few days!

Hey kids!

What is up? Yes sir, this really is an update to my blog. I added some galleries over on the right for your enjoyment. I've just been too lazy to update the page. Sorry for that.

So what's new? Not too much. I've been painting my house. Thats been a real blasty-blast, okay it hasn't.

Why am I blogging? Well to be honest I've been meaning to mention the latest craze that is driving me insane! Bars that don't take credit cards piss me right the F off! Oh but they have an ATM right over "there". Sure with a $2 service fee... thanks for that, asshats!

New gear!

I finally got my new gloves that match my pads... even got some pictures to share.

More congrats

My cousin Becky had her 2nd child today with the arrival of her son, Steven 6lbs. 14oz., baby and mother are doing well!

Congrats are in order!

Benny popped the question on Saturday and Mandy said, "Yes!"... so there you have it! The planning has begun. Also, Benny's birfday is Saturday so we have other things to celebrate too! Oh and I finally got my new front teeth.. missed christmas by a couple months, but we got'er done! They are awesome!

New winter ride!

So.. it's been a long time that I've been wanting to get a truck of some sort for winter use... the time has finally arrived. I found a sweet 88 jeep comanche that was in tip-top shape!! I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Hey kids... what's up with you?

It's snowing like crazy out there today.. but that's okay, I'd rather have snow than crazy cold temps! I've kinda gotten lazy with my blog lately because all I really have to say is negative and anybody who knows me knows that I am not a negative person... negativity never really does any good unless you are trying to guilt somebody into doing something. ;) But meh.. there are plenty of good things going on right now, I just seem to forget about them very quickly and don't think about posting them.

Some coworkers bought a couple of domain names and started some group blogs... you will see links over there in my groups section on the left.. lunchblog and nearworldclass are the two blogs. We just started them but are having fun coming up with different ideas for those sites so look forward to seeing some hijinx on those sites.

Other than that, I got nothing.

woah.. 2 posts in one day??

Crazy talk! I just had an after thought.. I wanted to mention that if you consider yourself a "geek"... you should check out "12 weeks with geeks".. it's a documentary type movie about some programmer interns going to work in NYC with a small software company. The big story is that it's not like most summer internships where you work on a project and you just leave when it's done.. these guys had to make a full product including the marketing and delivery of it! It gets kinda boring in the middle when they get off track, but it's a short movie with a killer soundtrack! The soundtrack is folk music with geek lyrics, one of my coworkers ordered it, I can't wait to hear the full songs! The movie actually gave me some perspective regarding my level of geekness... it brought me down a few notches, which is good... heh!


I'm in a pissy mood..... I think I need a vacation. Someplace warm and someplace away from all the things that are bothering me.

Burning flesh.. yummie!

I had my gum line laser cut on Monday... to make my smile more pretty. :) Basically, my front teeth looked very small because of how low my gum line was.. A few minutes under the laser cutter and I have bigger front teeth.. heh.. Yeah and I can tell you first hand burning flesh smells and tastes bad! Now I just need to get my new front teeth and I'll be set with an uber pretty smile. :)

Hey look.. it's an update!!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I've been busy and I suppose somewhat undedicated to my site.. deal with it! :P Hopefully I'll be more talkative from now on. We'll see about that.

Hockey is going strong.. if you followed the comments from the last post, you'd know I got my first start as a Bear and it was a win! My boys came back from 3-0 to win 5-4, it was incredible! Since then though, it's been rough. We just had a 2 game away trip this weekend and lost both of them. I came in as a relief on Friday but wasn't much help... we just didn't play very well. Saturday we lost again but were very short handed.. the scoreboard didn't reflect our actual chances in that game though! Anyways, I'm starting this friday and I hope we have a good turnout and I hope I have a good performance!!! We need some wins!

Also, I went for a cruise through Kettle Moraine on my drive home.. see the GALLERY.


About time!!

I made the Bears again and I'm starting friday night against Detroit. :) w00t! What else is new? hmm.. nothing much. I got a new mask to match my pads. :) Here is a pic:

New pads!!

My new pads are in-route to my house!!! I can't wait.. here is a teaser pic:


It took 4 months+... but here they are!!

Bling bling bitches!

uh.. yeah.. site problems

So... I've been working really hard on my carputer.. and then my server decides to blow a drive the day I am posting pics like a crazy person... Serves me right.. I guess. I probably lost a ton of pictures... but we'll see what I have on my other 2 pc's that I can re-upload.. but first thing is first.. get my carputer all setup... here is a pic for you. :)

The Carputer part 1

I wanted to unveil it all at once.. but I don't want to lose all my readers cause I don't post very often... I've been really busy.. here is part of the reason:

That is my new dash... and no, I didn't buy it like that.. that is all custom molding there kids! A 7" lcd touchscreen in the dash and a pc in the trunk.. usb2.0 hub in the glovebox with card readers. :) I'll have a full gallery up when it's complete.. should be a couple days.

Here is your damned update...

I'm busy... ya know.. running a huge wireless infrastructure for this little "airshow/fly-in" that takes place once a year.. ya know, a few planes fly in and some people come to look at them, I pretty much think they are all insane and I want to run them all over, but meh.

In other news.. I might actually have my new wheels this millenia, I can't wait!

w00t gets some love!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I've been crazy busy. I was at a car show in Minneapolis last weekend..GALLERY... My Corrado won 1st place in the corrado class, I was up against 7 other rado's. Also, Der Luscious' car was shot for Performance VW magazine!!! He took 2nd in the golf 3 category and won the "best feature" for his sweet drive-in tray with menu listing his mods. His car is "hot rod" style... so the drive-in prop was sweet! What else? My new wheels are still at paint and polish, so Taylor hooked me up with my old Konigs for the show.. as you'll notice in the pics.. I blinged them up a bit with some polish.

p.s. new galleries

There are 2 new galleries up... I linked the Volksport show already in my last post.. but here is a link to the AMA Superbikes @ Road America '05 sponsored by Suzuki.. I have some really sweet shots in there, it's worth the clickity clack! :P

Iron... what?

I totally purchased an iron and an ironing board last night.. oh yeah! No more wrinkled shirts for this guy! Who believes me? It's totally true, I wouldn't lie to you!

Replaced my tie rods and ball joints in the rado last weekend and got it aligned.. now all I need is my new wheels and to put on my new lip and it will be as ready as it's going to get for shows this year. Tires should be here tomorrow for the new wheels... I'm so psyched! I can't wait to get the new rims on the car!!

p.s. I had a really nice birthday on Monday! Drank lots of wine, thanks Ben and Amanda, had a great dinner, thanks Amanda, played some games, thanks Ben, Amanda, Amy, and Jake, and got a bunch of nice gifts, thanks Andrea, Mom and Dad, Ben, Amanda, Amy, and Jake. 28 isn't so bad! ;)

holy crap.. an update!

I've been um... busy and haven't had time to check in with my peeps.. sorry about that. What's new with me? Well let's see.. My new suspension is in my car in preparation for my new wheels.. I'm still waiting on those, but I got my new euro lip spoiler yesterday, I have to raise the car up a bit before I can put the lip on there, and it has to come up to accomodate my new wheels anyhow. When we installed the new suspension we noticed the cv boot was ripped, so I ordered a new axle, tie rods, and all that jazz to replace that stuff before it breaks. That's on the agenda to install tonight. :) I really really hope to have my new wheels soon! I can't stand not taking pictures of my car and I already sold my existing wheels, so I'm rolling on stock rims, but hey, at least it's slammed!

That's all I got...


Tyrannosaurus Rex ROAR! You're 52% Dinotastic!! ROAR!!! You are T-Rex, the tyrannt lizard king! You Chomp, Bite, Stomp, and Eat. You're a one dino killing machine. You're the most famous dinosaur of them all. You're the star. But you are probably too hungry to care. Eat more herbivores and stomp everything!

Take the What dino are you test...

Yeah.. I'm busy.. that's all you get.

Yeah, hello.. I'm still here.

I've been busy and stuff.. give me a break. Here is your update..

Hockey is slowing down but not stopping, that is for sure. I had a bunch of practices with a team that I'm playing in a USA hockey tournament with down in Chicago next weekend plus spring sunday league started in Appleton, so I'm still busy with that and open hockey in Oshkosh too, so yeah.. but now I don't know what to do with myself on fridays and saturdays since there is no hockey on those days now although I maybe playing in some thursday roller hockey.. we'll see if we can get a team together.

I have a bunch of new toys for my Corrado but for some reason they are taking FOREVER to get across the ocean! Damned German parts! I can't wait to get them and get everything installed so I can have some mad photo shoots!!!

quick update

Over there on the right hand side, you'll notice 2 new galleries of pictures.. I'll be adding to that all weekend with pictures from the USA Hockey Men's Adult National Championships for "US" and "Elite".. both are behind held in Fond du Lac, WI, this weekend at Blue Line Ice Arena. Enjoy the pictures..

Getting geared up for Nationals!

The nationals for Men's hockey are this weekend in Fondy, I can't wait!! I'm going to be so busy this weekend it's insane! There are a couple of team parties to go to as well as 19 hockey games that I could possibly attend! Anyways, I'm really busy..

So yeah.. lost some stuff

It kinda sucks that I lost 3 months of posts.. but it's my own fault for not being better about automating my backups of my database.. doh!

What's new with me? Well I'm house sitting for my parents right now because they are in sunny, Hawaii! Lucky bastards! Other than that.. nothing much is going on.. what's up with everyone else?

I'm still alive!

Long story..short.. My server got wacked.. I had to reload it.. I lost some posts because I'm not really good about backups of my database... so yeah.. lost a few months of posts.. meh.. I didn't lose any of my files, so I'm happy about that.. sorry about the delay, I've been really busy...

Road Trip! :P

We have our first "bus" road trip this Saturday for the Bears. We are going to Eagle River for a game, but before that, we have a home game tonight against Waupun. Hopefully we can pull a win out tonight, we have lost 2 to Waupun already this year, losing another game to them would be bad. Our home games are always a good time, we have lots of fans who come out to watch and cheer us on!

Let's see.. what else? My car is put away for the winter.. I miss her already. :( Slowly but surely getting my Christmas shopping done.. Yeah right.. Oh, I almost forgot, I setup some wireless at my house last night, it's fun to sit in the living room with the laptop and be surfing or chatting while watching tv. :) I think I'm going to really enjoy that! Okay enough babbling.. everybody send me money so I can buy new hockey gear and new toys for my car!

I assure you, I am lazy

After getting 3 comments from people all in one day about lack of updates, I decided that I had better get back on the posting horse.. so here you go.

What is new with me? Not too much.. I spent 3.5 days cleaning my house... no kidding! Had a little get together last friday there with some VW buddies.. a good time was had, I layed down some smack on the foosball table! Put back a bunch of jaeger bombs too! What else? hmm.. my corrado is going into storage this week.. out comes the POS van winter beater. Hopefully in the spring I can sell my boat and jet ski and buy goodies for my car and a better winter beater... and some new goalie pads.

Speaking of hockey.. I'm getting better, or I think I am. I'm 2-1-1 in my sunday league.. should be 3-1-0 really, but a very late goal last week caused us to get a 4-4 tie. A couple of rebound goals over my blocker.

Still here. :)

Sorry about the lack of posts.. I've been real busy. Okay.. the Bears hockey season started, we are 1-1-0 after last weekend against the Milwaukee Flyers. We won 4-3 in a very exciting game on Friday in Fond du Lac and then lost 7-2 in Milwaukee on Saturday. I won my no-check league game on Sunday, 6-4.. so in that league my team is 1-1-0 as well.

What else.. no bike news, haven't ridden in awhile.. I've thought about it.. but just been a wimp with the temps. No car news either.. I successfully wussed out of 2 possibilities.. I'm basically to the point now where I might just use that crappy van again until the spring and then drive my rado all year again. :) Who knows.. maybe I'll buy another car in the spring.. if Josh gets a scooby (subaru), maybe I'll want one of them come next year.

anywho, have fun and play hockey!

pics, yo..

So, you want pics from the Bears game? Here ya go.. get clicking... We tied 6-6 on Friday and lost 4-2 on Saturday.. I watched from the bench.. but it's all good.. I got sweet pics from Friday's game for you to enjoy. I even made a nice save.. puck came flying onto the bench and hit me in the groin.. missed my tender bits by about an inch! Thankfully I was leaning over a bit on the edge of the boards.. or it probably would have hit me where it counts! Alrighty then.. We have some things to work on in practice on Wednesday.. but all in all, a pretty good weekend!

Congrats to Atom and em who tied the knot this past weekend. Loved the cello octet!


Okay, who has been patiently waiting to see pictures of my niece? click HERE for all your Teagan pic needs..

What else.. well I guess I can update people on the goalie situation.. since there are 3 goalies on the team and both the other goalies are veterans, they are the "starters".. so I'm told.. Coach told me that he might be able to get me a start or two, but he can't promise anything at this time. Let me put it to you this way.. I'm a rookie in this league.. and I have every intention of using this first season to get acquainted with the team and the league. With effort and determination, I'll get a start this year and then with continued practice, I'll be higher on the list next season. :) It'll be all good.. trust me.

woot, I'm a bear!

I made the team!!! "amateur elite", yo! They cut 3 goalies last night, leaving 3 for the roster and I made the roster!! I'm somewhat surprised since I've been sick since last friday, everyday of tryouts has been rough for me because of being congested.. but I did my best and apparently I did better than I thought! Anyways.. I'm pretty jazzed!

May I introduce...

My niece, Teagan Giselle Steineke! I have a picture, but I want to wait for a better one of Teagan. She's a cutie! Mother and baby are doing fine, they should be coming home from the hospital today.

I had a very busy weekend.. friday - baby in Brookfield, saturday - hockey tryouts in fondy, then bar, then mt biking in calumet county, then dinner in green bay. Sunday - hockey tryouts in fondy, mt biking in kettle moraine, dinner in fdl., followed by hockey in appleton... ugh.. I'm sore and tired!

Uncle Adam, yo!

Congratulations to my brother and sister in law, Mike and Sarah on the birth of their first child! @9lbs 8oz and 20 inches.. she's a biggen! :) More info to follow.. and pics, etc..

I rock.. :P

Night shots are neat!! :P

yep it's monday

I'm tired and sore.. sounds like a monday morning to me. Went Mt. Biking in Kettle Moraine yesterday before my back 2 back hockey games. Not sure if that was a good idea, but it was fun regardless! Every time I go to the Kettles, I have more fun! I think with the mileage from Kettle added to my road mileage for the week that I just made 100 miles last week.

Oh and I went 1-1 in those hockey games. Hmm.. what else to talk about. Starting loading games on my home pc in prep for this weekend. I have still have a lot to do. Meh.. guess that's all I have to talk about.


Okay.. I'm not going to bother to put the comment thing on my post today cause nobody feels like posting when I do!

Let's see, what's new in my world? I got clear turn signals for the corrado and a new grill for it! Pics to follow at some point. Also had the car dynoed last weekend.. :( I'm down to 12 lbs of boost instead of up to 17 like it should be. So I have to hunt down some boost leaks. Also, my alternator has a bad bearing in it and it whines like a mofo when it's cold. Once it warms up, the noise is gone, but annoying none the less. I guess I'll have to have my alternator rebuilt this winter. I'm working on a possible trade of my jet ski for another car and some cash.. I hope that goes through cause I have zero $$ to buy a winter car with right now and the jet ski is just an expense right now, used it once this year was totally bored.

In other news.. I think I have 60 miles on the bike this week so far.. should be over 85 after tonights ride, hopefully 100 by Sunday.

100 miles

Well I have 100 miles on the bike today with the commute to work this morning, just seven days after purchasing the bike. I'll actually have over a hundred after biking home from work... but meh. :) I'd say out of the rides I had this week, last nights 25 mile night ride was by far the most difficult. Why you ask? Well I could simply say, "50 degrees", but that isn't the only reason. The other reason is that my light died because when I thought I charged it.. I was actually just plugged into the charger which was sitting on the counter, not so much plugged into the wall. So all I had for a headlight was the LED I mounted on my helmet so I could see my speeds, etc., on the bike computer. So I basically had to stick close to the other riders to share their headlights which is sort of a pain in the ass. Nearly wiped it a couple times.. An Opossum ran out in front of us when we were all pretty close together... it was between the two guys in front of me and directly in front of me and were trucking...


We were trucking about 23-25 in a tight group.. That damned thing nearly got smushed.. Then I said a smart ass remark like, "hey just be glad it's not a deer".. sure enough a few minutes later a deer ran out in front of us.. it had a few feet to spare though so not too much of an issue. The brain surgeon that rides in this group hit something last week on his ride home and wiped bigtime! He had road rash all over his knees and fingertips. I'm glad I wasn't one of the 3 surgeries he had to do last Friday.. LOL! So yeah.. some day I'll be able to do a century in ONE day.. but for now I'll be happy to tally up 100 in the last 7 days. Oh... stats for last nights ride: 25 miles, 1 hr 23 minutes, 17.5 avg, 34.2 max. The ride to work this morning wasn't as impressive, but it sure was 10 degrees warmer!

yeah yeah...

Well I didn't talk about my ride last Thursday or any of the rides in between.. so consider yourself lucky! Playing hockey and riding my NEW bike are pretty much all that's going on right now. So I guess you want to see my new bike? Or not.. but here ya go:

And NO, I didn't just buy it because it matches my car. I test rode 6 bikes and I liked this one the best for comfort and price. The color was just a bonus. :)

getting tired of hearing about my bike rides?

Tough! That and hockey is all that's going on right now.. so that's what you get to hear about. 24 mile ride last night, 1 hr 20 minutes, avg 17.4 mph, max was 30. I used my new camelbak hydration system, which is a fancy way to say water thingy in a backpack. I drank all 2 liters of water that I took with me. I also used my new light system.. it rocks!!

I'm really pumped to buy my new bike.. what is it you ask? Ahh.. not sure yet, depends what is available in my size when I go to willybikes next week Friday. I'm hoping for a LeMond Beunos Aires though, that would kick ass!

survived another thursday night ride!

Only did 19 miles in last nights ride because the weather was suspect.. However, we did that 19 miles in an hour.. 18.5 mph average speed, we had some traffic to deal with in Omro but pushed a 30 mph sprint for the last mile. The higher pace was a little rough for me during one of the hill climbs but I managed. :) Can't wait till I have a new bike, things will be soooo much smoother! Anyways.. I'm busy and stuff..

Okay had some more to say.. Yes I wear biking shorts and a biking jersey.. You got something to say about it? My response is "bite me".. when you do a sport, you need to have the appropriate gear for many reasons, one is safety, another is comfort. If you are riding a bike for long distances and you are sitting on the seams of your underwear or shorts.. you will be in rough shape from chaffing. Also, you will overheat. It's just logical, yo!

24 mile night ride!

Oh yeah folks, I went for a 24 mile night ride on Thursday night, and I'm planning to go again this Thursday! Now I want to buy a new road bike so I'm not riding the 14 year old bike.. check out this bike shop in madtown, they kick ass! willybikes.

Let's see.. went to the VW show in chicago this weekend (Treffen), it was a blast. Autox'd my car on saturday! Stupid 4 r32's were in my class???

I have sunburn pretty bad on my lips and neck. :( Oh and I had too much to drink on saturday night.. I shouldn't do that!

ya ya.. update..

I've been busy and stuff..

I got my car fixed.. woot no dents! I fixed the throttle cable all by myself!! I kick ass! Who would have thought I could change a throttle cable on my own.. and in under 10 minutes.. booyah!

Okay someone buy my boat and jet ski! I'm bored with them.. must buy new bike.. and other toys! I've been biking a lot lately! Gone to kettle moraine a couple times and been doing some road riding too.

Okay if you know what "spidergoat" is, you will find that nexia biotechnologies is doing okay, they have patents on a couple products and have trademarked their "transgenic goat technology" as "biosteel". I think that is a good name and I think saying transgenic goat technology is just fun! goat technology.. like goats have their own technology involving splicing spider genes with their own to make uber silk through milk proteins.


link for nexia biotech. Enjoy.. :)

busy busy...

I've been really busy lately but I've been having a lot of fun in the process. :) I bought a fancy roof rack for the corrado, Yakima, and 2 bike racks for it. I borrowed Mike's mt. bike and went to Kettle Moraine, it was a blast, can't wait to go again! I also have been riding the road bike a lot recently too! Woah, yet another form of excercise. :) What else.. Oh, I've been playing hockey with some of the Fond du Lac Bears, down in FDL.. it's a hoot! Best group of people I've skated with! And damn are the rink people friendly. :) Who knows, maybe I'll make the team! We'll see.. All I can say is that I've been playing the best hockey of my life! Oh yeah, I shot pics at RA last weekend.. I'm getting a lot better! Anyways.. gotta go.


I survived another convention and I didn't even break any bones this year! Yay! Cleanup has begun so I'm still really freaking busy. :( Should be over soon.. In other news.. I got nothing.

powered by red bull

This is going to be a long long post.. I am back from my trip to San Diego and Las Vegas.. and it was great to say the least! The wedding was great! The Maritime Museum was a really great location for a wedding! hmm.. what else.. Well, I did get to drive a SUPERCAR!! BMW Z8, 400 HP baby! shh... don't tell my cousins, their dad hasn't let anyone else drive that car.. I was the first person other than him to drive it! I have videos and pictures and all sorts of goodies.. Also, vegas was a good time.. a bit too many kids are there, in my opinion.. and the whole "thing" doesn't appeal to me that much.. but I did have a good time. The Bellagio was by far my favorite casino! Plus, I left vegas a couple bills ahead, so that's always a plus. I could really talk about it for hours.. but basically I had a great time.. I want my uncles car, house, and boat.. and vegas was a neat experience.. but they do have a thing or four to learn about water parks.. they looked pretty sad compared to the dells. *cont*

*cont* vegas and cali fun

okay.. here are the pics and videos.. ENJOY and feel free to comment. :) btw.. the pics were all done with a point and shoot.. so don't expect any "art".. besides the bimmer pics.. that car doesn't need fancy pics to show off how hot it is.. Pics and videos

p.s. the powered by red bull comment is because I've been awake since yesterday morning.. not counting my couple minutes of sleep on the plane and my 1.5 hours at home this morning.. lol.. 3 red bulls are my fuel...

new pics

I took some new pics of my Corrado this weekend.. check out the gallery here. That's about all I got.. Oh wait, I found out that I like New Glarus: Spotted Cow.. it's pretty good beer. :)

There's plenty more to talk about.. but I got things to do.. so enjoy the car pics. :)

woot, going to San Diego and Vegas!

My cousin Timmy :) is getting married in two weeks in San Diego, and I had planned on attending, but it's a week before the airshow starts, which to say the least is a busy busy time for me.. but I had permission to go and take that weekend off, tickets were a bit pricey, so I decided not to go, but my parent's found a good deal on flights to vegas and planned to attend using that setup.. fly to vegas, rent a car, drive to San Diego, spend 2 nights in San Diego and then go back to Vegas for 2 days. I'll only stay in vegas for one night and most of Monday, but then I gotta get back to work.. but I've never been to Vegas, so it should be a riot!

quick post

Been really busy with work and stuff.. sorry for the lack of updates.. I work, I play hockey, I sometimes make it to the gym.. but I always give my car some daily love. :) That about sums me up..

I bought some new shoes yesterday and I'm pretty happy about them.. Got some other new things too.. nothing much.. got my hair chopped though.. Anyways.. gotta run.

New gear, yo!

New hockey gear is pouring in! LOL.. bought a new chest and arm protecter when I was out East.. And my 7 week wait for my custom colored glove is finally over..
catcher and c/a. That's about all I got..

What up?

I'm back from my vacation to Buffalo and Toronto.. it was a blast! I didn't want to come home! The corrado handled the 11 hours each way just fine but I think next time I go visit, I'll fly out, it will be so much quicker and easier.

I have a gallery up. Here is my favorite picture from the trip, it's Alex and I hanging out together after some open hockey in Buffalo:

mask has arrived

Click yonder in the featured foto for a link to the photo gallery.. I'm far too busy to link it here. Okay I lied.. I linked it there too. I'm pretty happy with the mask overall.. the pictures still don't do the color justice though.. look at those close ups to see how much flake is in the paint, it's so not even close to black! I wish the mushroom cloud was a bit bigger and wider.. but other than that, I think it's totally sweet! Gotta go..

quick post

Okay.. not a lot of time.. really busy..

My mask is done.. I have a few pics.. but I'm not sharing them really until I can take some with better light. The paint is sorta color changing and pearl.. so bad lighting doesn't do it justice! I'll have some studio shots early next week for you.

Now.. this is one of the funniest things ever. Masters of Disaster ad. Believe me.. that is a REAL ad.. for a real airshow act.. note: the comment on the top..

3rd post

Yep.. You better consider this your lucky day..

This post is for a very specific reason.. it's to link up this: woman's guide to geeks... All my faithful readers should click on that and read it.. and pass it around to their sexy single female friends and then introduce us to each other. :) Or the sexy single female who has been lurking on my site... she needs to read that and take the advice.. although I could suggest some other things to research on other than star trek.. but I suppose that will do. ;)

This is sure to start some

What's the big idea?

I really meant to post yesterday to say Happy Birthday to my big Sis.. so happy birthday!

Okay, so I made plans to go on a bike ride with my brother Andy and then go play hockey as per usual on Wednesday night.. open hockey at the Y.. So after we go for a short ride, had to stop and buy some parts.. new chain, toe clips, etc... for one of the bikes, then ate dinner.. then headed to the Y.. only to find out that there is no more Open Hockey on Wednesdays????? Bastards!! The rink mgr is getting an email in a couple minutes..

Speaking of hockey, my mask was supposed to be done yesterday.. hopefully it hit shipping yesterday or today.

Found a fun test to take:

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net


I didn't forget the comments.. I just didn't have room for them in the field.. a downside to having a database driven website maintained by a guy who knows jack about how to create databases..

what up?

So how is everyone doing? I'm doing fine.. Played a bunch of hockey on Sunday, our game got cancelled 1/2 way through because the power went out.. then it came back on in time for a "pro" open skate.. which was division 3 college players and some of the "ice dogs" from the GLHL.. anyways, they asked me to stay, which I couldn't refuse. It was a blast, I may start doing that on a regular basis.

What else?? I'm still waiting for my new gear.. my mask should be done tomorrow and in the mail back to me from the painter! w00t! The rest of my new gear should be shipping out this week too, except for my new glove.. no idea when that is shipping out.

Florida was okay.. our trip home was "interesting"... flight got cancelled from Chicago to Milwaukee.. ended up renting a car for that portion and also gave a ride to a lady and her daughter who were also stranded.


It's SIESTA Beach.. not Fiesta beach... lol.. actually I believe it's called Siesta Keys Beach.

Florida report

The long awaited "Florida Report" is finally here. Okay.. it's been an okay trip.. no problems.. just somewhat boring but today we had time to go to the beach! booyah! Check out the pics:
She um.. found out I was taking pics and actually asked me if I was taking pics of people, I was like.. "No, I'm taking pictures of the beach" and then I showed her the pics, it was sunny as shit.. so I knew she wouldn't be able to see jack shit on the screen.. it was funny..

Fiesta Beach.. apparently one of the best beaches in the state.. I tend to agree.. very clean very nice sand, nice surf.. and some naked kids running around that made me laugh.. and babes. :)

Want a bigger picture of the beach? Okay here ya go. What else? hmm.. thats all you get tonight. I'll add comments in a minute.

blah blah blah..

Okay.. so I haven't posted in a week.. nobody else seems to be posting.. or post comments.. so I figured nobody was even paying attention.

What's new with me? Well, I'm going to Florida tomorrow for work.. got 4 days of training to go to..

What else? Nothing much.. been sorta boring lately. Did some house chores this weekend.. mowed the insane kneehigh grass.. did lots of laundry and dishes, played a little bit of ffxi, but not much really. Basically did nothing. Today I totally helped a complete stranger change their flat tire at lunch.. got a burned finger out of my efforts too.. go me!

I really want my new hockey gear! I hate waiting, maybe I'll get them in time for my birthday on Sunday.

Is this thing even on?

Hey, what's up?

I suppose I should update so I don't fall into the patterns of *others* who never post anymore..

My new mask has come and gone.. I used it one night and then sent it to the painter. I'm so anxious to have it back. The paint scheme changed a bit.. it's not going to be "nuclear winter", it's just going to be "adam bomb" I guess. :) The main theme is still the big mushroom cloud on the top/front, with a radiation symbol and some "atoms", but the post nuclear war scenery just isn't going to happen. Not enough space to get good details on there. Anyways, I can't wait to see it!

What else is going on? I'm taking a short break from ffxi. I started getting annoyed with it and my own stupidity in the game last week friday and I decided it was time to take a break.

What else? hmm Nearly had a shutout last night.. ended up being 7-2.

weekend recap

It was a very busy weekend for me.. started with helping Patty get his spark plugs changed.. I blame Josh for not installing the number 1 plug correctly causing Pat's check engine light to go on. :P I love burning my hands on engines.. it's fun!

What else you ask? The list is pretty long for this weekend.. played a little ffxi.. not a ton though.. had fvbn on saturday and then aftwards got a flat tire.. didn't notice it was flat till after I drove a couple miles.. :( That means ruined tire for me! Super duper.. Nationwide back order till June has me begging some vw friends for a wheel to borrow till I can get a replacement tire.

Sunday started with the Dyno day with the dubbers, it was a good time.. Sucked driving there on the donut spare though.. 50mph cap. :( My car turned okay numbers: graph, numbers 1, numbers 2.

Tied our hockey game 2-2.

weekend recap2

Forgot "comments" as usual..

Wanted to say that my new hockey league is really sweet! I already talked about the merge of A and B leagues into 1 for the summer.. which means more competition and better gameplay.. I had a blast in the B league.. now it's even more fun! We are now 1-1-1, with our tie vs. the team that I think won the A league session last season. One goal was a rebound of a 2-1 and the other was a skate tip in from one of my defenseman. I pretty much stone walled them the rest the night, they had lots of good chances..even got really sweet glove save that had the benches howling. It was a hoot.

What else can I share with my readers today? hmm.. One of the players on my team told me that his son now idolizes me.. haha! I guess he used to want to be "cujo", but now when they play floor hockey he wants to be "adam". I think that's precious.

$ out the window. :)

Okay.. I spent well over $1k last fall on hockey gear to replace my WAY outdated equipment. One would think that would have covered everything.. right? Sorry charlie.. I still have a mask that is OLD as well as a catcher that is old and worn out. So how much could these set me back? Well.. since I'm a slave to fashion.. and I want matching gear now.. and a whore to TPS, that will set me back a bit over $300 for the glove.. and the mask.. well that's another story.. I can get a nice kevlar/carbon fiber mask for $200ish.. which is a really really good price.. but since I'm a slave to fashion.. I'm going to require a custom paintjob for said mask. That's gonna set me back three and a half bills. LOL I'm crazy.. but damn I bet it's going to look sweet! I'm sick of not having matching gear.. black and white mask with one blue glove and the rest of my gear being red/white/green.


You have no idea how many times I tried to post lately.. but got stopped because of things coming up.. it's crazy.. or maybe I'm just easily distracted.. who knows?

What's up with me you want to know, right? Well.. I'm playing lots of final fantasy.. as well as hockey and I'm fitting in work and sleep as well.. hehe. Also working some gym time in there.. and time for other stuff.. like chatting, watching movies, driving my car, etc.. LOL..

Been playing more and more hockey lately, filling in when needed, trying to get back into the drop-in hockey routine as well. I've decided to finish replacing my gear.. so new catcher and mask are in the process of being researched/ordered as well as some other custom gear.. I've never worn neck protection because it annoys me.. but I found some custom equipment that is sweet! Buying some other custom stuff too.. but you don't want to know.

What else? Want a good laugh? .. gimme a minute to get links.


Nice mods.. check out these nasty cavaliers that I saw at RA after the lemans race last august. The funny part is that the "club" was a mazda club.. no clue why all these chevy's were in the mix.. hehe..




Hockey wedding on Saturday went well.. Friday was rehearsal (bring skates) they said. Turned into hockey.. no pads at all for me and I was wearing goalie skates. End result= blisters and bruised knees. Saturday wedding all good.. then open skate (normal forward skates) = more blister action. Open hockey (normal forward skates) = Yet more blister action.. then I laced up my goal equipment for a bit and played some goal.. that went well. Now fast forward to Sunday, league hockey moved from "B" league to combined A and B.. = we were top dogs.. now not so much. It is going to be a challenging season for sure. I have a few bruises to show that the A league guys shoot harder than the B league ones. :) We lost 5-1 but I think I played pretty well considering I had no contacts and that I have 3 blisters on each foot.. at least..

Okay now go back to the wedding for a bit. Everything went rather smooth, I thought. As per usual, I got the garter. :) I'm such a magnet for them. more in a sec.

as promised

Okay.. here is the "more" I promised.

Katie got the flowers (bouquet? sp?) whatever. So we had a nice skate around the rink together. That's all you get about that! Leave me alone.

Let's see what else to talk about? Saw kill bill vol. 2 last night.. thumbs up! Deadwood and soprano's rocking too! People without HBO are just missing out.. seriously! Christopher in the Soprano's has been so awesome this season.. it's great to see his character stepping up.

hmm.. guess that's all I got.. fire them comments

yadda yadda

Okay, so I've been lazy with the updates, but don't think that's the only place I've been lazy, no sir! I've only gone to the gym once in the last few days and I've really only been playing ffxi other than sleeping and working.. so not much else is going on..

Have the hockey wedding on Saturday, that should be a good time.


Okay.. the hockey team won the championship.. whoo! We got a big cup trophy thing named after a guy who had a heart attack and died at the rink.. must have been 2 years ago. We drank beer from said trophy.. and then drank lots more in the lockerroom.. Oh.. and for my fans, I got another tripping penalty. :) Think that's 5 penalties this season that I got called for.

In other news.. been playing lots of ffxi again.. yay! Yesterday some easter things started to happen in the game.. it's pretty much an easter egg hunt that has caused mass hysteria! But you get neat rare items if you do certain things and get certain eggs, so that's all cool in the gang.. I'll probably get some of them later tonight.


I always forget the comments.. :) here ya go.

ffxi and hockey

That's pretty much what my weekend was all about. Saw Hellboy on Friday night, I was glad it didn't suck.. :) Didn't need another "league of extraordianary poopers" on our hands. Then after that I had a linkshell event in FFXI to go from rank 3 all the way to rank 5.. meaning we had to do some really long quests. :) But with help and shooting the breeze with my friends while doing it, the 9 hour or so went pretty quick. LOL.

Played the first of 2 playoff games for the championship in my hockey league. Woot 2-0 baby! Another shutout!

Let's see.. that about does it for my weekend.. oh Soprano's and Deadwood still kick ass.. both very exciting seasons! Deadwood is going to be a great show! Although Calamity (sp?) Jane needs to be subtitled cause I can never understand WTF she's saying unless it's a curse, then it's very clear. LOL..

Fire away, ya heathens!


I got nothing. hmm.. I'm thinking about going camping with bran in late May.. found a cool place up in the UP, near the WI border, got lots of info, sounds like a sweet setup.. canoe in, then go on day hikes from our canoe based site for a few days.. maybe even move to another canoe site just for a change.. Should be fun.

What else? I might go see hellboy tonight, not sure yet. Newlarp is coming up.. I'm trying to get jazzed about that.. but bran and I were talking last night and we think it's going to be odd that we can't sit on the ground for a few minutes and get all our mana back.. and when things get rough we will wonder why our macro for our two hours doesn't seem to work??? :P LOL.. if you play ffxi, you'd understand..

Other than that.. I was thinking about buying another car, but I think I might just use that money to pay off some credit cards instead..


I really need some inspiration to get to the gym tonight.. I'm feeling lazy but I ate way more cookies than I should have last night.. :) They were tempting me with their yummie goodness and I couldn't resist.

In other news.. We finished in first place in the hockey league..w00t.. our win streak ended at eleven games. :( We have 2 championship games next Sunday/Tuesday to seal the deal. Not sure what we win.. Maybe a case of beer.. who knows???

What else.. hmm I'm lazy and I play lots of computer games.. how's that? meh..

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom!

blah.. at least it's Friday

Not much to talk about right now.. Put ends on a cable for someone last night to get their home network all going.. I haven't crimped cables in a long time.. I still got the skillz! :) Let's see.. lost a few games of pool... won a few games of foos, lost a few games of foos.. Played some ffxi.. unlocked the dragoon job.. w00t.. it took FOREVER and a day to complete that quest. Run all over the damn world 3 times over. Got attacked by necromancer pirates on one of the trips acrossed the world too.. that was interesting. Then took part in my 2nd dragon slaying battle.. I so hardly did anything but heal the rdm who helped me.. but meh.. we got him, just took awhile (6 minutes I think).. lol.. record was under 2 minutes. Anywho.. I've finally unlocked the advanced job that I said I was going to do first. Too bad I have my sights locked on 40th bard right now. Must make mega cash on bcnm's!! Okay.. enough ffxi talk.

Have 4 hockey games this weekend starting tonight.. Wish me luck!

comments, yo

alive and kickin'

I'm well enough to be at work.. my fever is gone.. I think.. but I'm still coughy and stuffy.. but meh.. I'll survive. The pills I have are horrible.. the second or 2 they touch my tongue nearly make me gag, plus they cause insomnia.. which is wonderful.

Now that I'm pretty much healthy.. *cough*, I'll be spreading the adam love! Hugs and kisses for everyone. Come on now, don't shy away, you know that a little bit of affection will only make you smile which is never a bad thing! I owe a few people some hugs.. don't worry, I didn't forget ya!

fire away.

For the love of @#$@, let this sickness die!

So um.. I'm totally sick again, I would have called in but I have 3 meetings today, so here I am.. sick and at work. I have a dr. appt this afternoon and then I'm so going home. Fucking sinus infections! They just won't die!

Due to my condition... I haven't recieved any hugs or maybe nobody loves me. :) But I know some people already chimed in saying they were ready! I think a few more people need to get on that train, I think it would do some good. I so can't wait to veg out on the couch... is it time for my appt yet?? damnit..

So.. what's up?

I kicked ass again at hockey last night.. Our regular season stats are: 15-4-4 with 6 shutouts. I posted 2 shutouts in a row to end the season.. I had the lowest gaa.. Let's see.. we have some tournament coming up as well as playoffs.. so wish me luck.. We're on a 10 game winning streak!

In other news.. not much else going on.. hmm.. I think just about everyone of my friends needs a big *HUG*, and not just cause all sorts of crap is going on in our lives.. just because we need to spread some love! I've noticed that people in general are too "anti touching"... like they are afraid to make physical contact with each other and that's just wierd. Oh my, did I put my hand on your leg?? Lookout! Or too good for a nice hug or friendly embrace? It takes alcohol to drop the barriers between good friends it seems and that's just wierd in my mind. I was just reading something about how in europe it's common for friends of the same sex to walk around holding hands, etc.. to be continued...


so yeah.. I was reading that it's common.. I think that's a bit more than I'd be comfortable with.. but I do think that people need to lighten up a bit. We are all people.. and we are all friends, for the most part :P, and I think friends should be more comfortable around each other. So who wants to give me a hug? Anyone? I know Chrissie will, who's next?

Guess who's gonna be an uncle?

Guess you can guess who's gonna be a daddy too.. but that's not me.. at least.. not yet. :) guess damnit! hehe.. so anywho.. my day has been lame.. annoying.. etc.. hope it gets better.


So I've been sick for a few days.. ack! I blame Karl!!!! But I've still been hanging out with peeps.. playing video games and watching movies.. trying to keep my germs contained to the house as much as possible. I surely wasn't in condition to be cleaning. :) But I was well enough to kick some ass on foosball on a regular basis. Also played some ffxi.. got to 29th lvl bard last night.. w00t! It sucks that some of my friends are giving up on the game. :( But on the bright side, some of them gave me their goodies. :) I've still got an itch for ffxi fun.. so that's all good.

Let's see.. what else? I haven't been to the gym in a few days.. didn't want to workout so much when I was sick, but I did have to play hockey on Sunday. 4-0 victory.. and we sealed our 1st place in the league with a couple games to go.. record so far is 14-4-4... with the most goals FOR and least goals AGAINST and I believe I have upwards of 5 shutouts.. maybe 6.. I was sick as hell and very glad that the team kicked ass.

whoops.. comments

forgot to put a comments thingy in. :) here ya go..

house and whatnot

Okay.. so people want an update on the house situation and they want pics.. Here are the pics as of now: house gallery. The update is this.. Ben ditched the old microwave and stand it was on.. moved the smaller white cabinet to where the old micro was.. put the new micro on top.. and then Benny setup his fancy wine rack where the white cabinet was.. Also the pantry is cleaned out.. and I did the fridge awhile ago.. still plenty of things to do though.. I'll add pics to the gallery.

got inked?

So there are these two people that I know.. they both got some ink done last weekend and they showed me.. but I want to see pics!

That's about all I got right now. Going to force myself to go to the gym tonight whether anyone comes with with me or not, hopefully I'll get company though. :) Regardless though, I've convinced myself to go cause if I don't keep doing it.. then I just wasted a ton of cash and it does my chances of ever finding a special someone absolutely no good. Alright enough of that.. time for...

no title

So I'm wondering how many people from work are reading my site to see if I start mentioning things on here? /me checks the logs for IP's. Not that it matters, cause I'm not saying a word.

Last night was probably the best hockey I've ever played! My catcher was freaking on fire! I kicked some major ass. We won 7-2, but pretty much everyone on the team realized it would have been a way different game had I not been playing so well. It's always nice to know that you really were a key role in the success of something. *lol* nevermind.

Think positive, right? meh.. bite me.


Yesterday was a very bad day.. I'm just going to leave it at that. Hopefully today will be better.

My baby is gone for the day. :(

My car is being worked on by another person. :( They better treat her right! Getting my coolant flushed and new thermostat and fan switch installed.. it should be ready by 5.. I'm worried about her.

In other news, I promised pictures.. well, I took a bunch.. but I forgot to turn the flash on my cam, no clue why I didn't have it on auto.. but the battery died.. so I have 2 really crappy pics that I didn't resize.. that's all you get today.. maybe I'll take some better ones tonight. We'll see. computer room living room

I'm going to take pictures... seriously

If you haven't heard.. Ben has been cleaning the house as of late. He started with 4 hours in just his bedroom.. Well, he moved on to the living room and the porch and a good portion of the computer room. What's left in the computer room is totally mine to pickup.. so I'll probably do that right after work tonight. The kitchen still needs attention.. but if you saw the house right now, you'd be fucking amazed! That's why I'm gonna take pictures. I shit you not.. The house is actually presentable.. basically. ;)

Let the comments roll in with disbelief.. but the pictures won't lie.

So far.. today has sucked..

I've been swamped all day with all sorts of issues.. ranging from proxy servers that are wacked.. to people opening viruses and infecting not only their machines but also a few servers they have access to.. isn't that super? Well, I finally got a chance to breath.. so here is your update.

TBCS 24 went relatively smoothly.. except for the cuts I have on my hands from dealing with staples in tables.. and slippery car hatches.. UT2k4 demo got old quick... I should have tried jedi academy a long time ago.. and desert combat still rocks.. but only for 4 hours.. more than that just causes me pain. BF Vietnam anyone?

Hockey news.. I don't get to play in a USA hockey tournie in chicago in april, although I was really happy to be asked.. I am in a goalie wedding that weekend and had to pass on the opportunity but we did beat the 1st place team last night 4-2 in a great game. It was a close game throughout.. Tied late in the game too. I played pretty good.. want those 2 back.. but meh.


forgot to put the comments code in.. I knew it would be a pain to do manually. :) Wish I had time to fix it right now.. but I don't. here ya go:

I'm doing good.. you?

So far, having a good day today! I woke up in a great mood and things have been smooth sailing since. Mary brought in baby Riley, he's so cute! Plus, he likes me, so that's a bonus..

Nothing else going on really.. I took my car out of storage the other day.. w00t! I missed her! I just have to be careful because I have a lot more power now with all the upgrades, I don't want to get a ticket!! Now that pesky snow can just go right away and stay away! Taking the car in next week to get the coolant flushed, new fanswitch and thermostat installed, that should keep my temps down.

Anywho.. wish me luck on the rest of the day going as well as it has been.

comments yo

Let's see if I can get these comments working..

comments test 2

Testing second set of comments..

yadda yadda..

I totally got my toe fixed this morning.. That about sums that up. :)

Kicked some ass at hockey last night.. 8-3 was the final.. I probably should have had a shutout.. but ya know what? I'm not perfect. :) I think I still have the record for shutouts in the league I'm in. Andy got his lazy ass out to the outdoor rink on Saturday, he still can shoot! Now he just needs to get some ankle strength so he can skate again.

But he doesn't need to call me at 1:40 am on Monday morning from Barley's.. lemme tell you how much fun that is.. Going to pick his drunk ass up and deliver him to his house.. I guess I should be happy that it wasn't the bartender calling me this time and the fact that he could stand and walk on his own. :)

keep up the routine..

I'm trying to keep a very regular routine without it becoming annoying.. with my workouts at the Y. I went on Sunday for awhile and I am probably going tonight too. I think Mon and Thurs are probably going to become regular weeknights that I go to the gym for an hour or two. I've already noticed increased stamina for hockey and less "drain" too... working out and then playing hockey a couple hours later didn't phase me. w00t!

In other news.. I think I'm done modding my case for awhile.. check it out: pcgallery

I rock.

I totally did 15 reps of 945lbs. leg press last night at the Y... w00t! That is a LOT of weight.. Anywho.. Been trying to keep up a routine of 2 main workout days a week and then trying to sneak in an extra hour of swimming at some point as well. I have gone 2 times this week already, so as long as I get in this weekend for an hour of swimming, then I'm going good!

Anywho.. been playing Crystal Chronicles and watching season 3 angel and that's about it.. I haven't played ffxi in a few days.. I'll have to get back in that saddle this weekend.

Go me!

So I watched the all star game (hockey) yesterday.. and then I was bored.. Ben was leaving to go eat with his parents. I sat down at my computer started up FFXI.. then happened to see that the 20th street YMCA was open till 6pm. It was 5pm, I figured, "What the hell?" Grabbed my gym bag and went swimming for awhile. I did 600-700 meters, I lost count, heh. Although, I was a bit slow near the end of my hockey game late last night because of that though. We ended up winning the game.. *sort of*. :) Long story, but the record books show that we won 4-3 and that's all that matters I guess. A goal got taken back cause the ref didn't think it went in. I wasn't saying a word.. but I'm pretty sure it was a goal and should have been a tie game. I played pretty good... even got to get physical a few times cause people kept coming into the crease. Even dumped a guy at the end of the game, he tried to take my legs out from under me, but it backfired and I did the same to him.

Woah!!! Adam be workin' out???

Who's joined the "Y" yesterday? Oh wait.. it's me! Who worked out for a couple hours last night? Oh wait.. that's me too! That's right folks and I'm not even very sore today.. I thought I may have overdone it.. but I guess I didn't! Which is a good thing cause my body already ached from 3 hockey games this week. I totally joined up.. picked up some necessary items, short, bag, lock, etc. etc... then walked over to the Y that's near my house. spent about 40 minutes lifting various weights working a variety of muscles from legs, to arms, to back, to abdominal... Then I hung out in the whirlpool for a bit and the steam room.. while waiting for the big pool to be open for lap swim.. then I swam 500 meters before calling it a night. :) Now I just have to maintain that type of routine on a somewhat regular basis.. and maybe I'll trim that gut of mine.. while inreasing muscle strength in the process.. I'm not going to say muscle tone.. cause if you've seen me without a shirt.. you know that doesn't exist:P

Virus Day Part II

Yeah.. viruses suck! Been running since yesterday afternoon... It's crazy!

It's going...

I haven't posted in awhile... sorry about that. I wanted to leave the last post up for awhile.. because some of my family wanted to read it and I didn't want to make them have to fish through all my blathering.

I've been playing way TOO much hockey the past two weeks. 3 nights a week just seems to be a bit more than I want to deal with. Two times is plenty for me. I have a bad bruise on my right forearm that just keeps getting punished.. last night I got a stick in the neck and two times I got smacked in the head by a person.. My neck is really sore today. :(

So I've been contemplating joining the Y and starting to work out regularly.. not like daily or anything.. but once or so a week.. added with my hockey, I think it might actually help me quite a bit. :) But I seem to always get into a mode and then I quickly lose interest.. so I have to make sure that I'm going to stick with it before I drop the cash.. cause those memberships are freaking insanely expensive!

In loving memory of Val

I received a call this morning that my grandmother passed away last night. So I would like to take a moment in remembrance of all the times we shared and all the things I experienced as a child who spent a good deal of the summers on the farm. I remember all the great times we had going to the county fair every year with her and grandpa. I remember going to places like "koch's" and "the kangaroo pouch" and places similar. I never would have enjoyed the summers on the farm, which I just can't imagine for anyone! Not having a pond to swim in after spending part of the day bailing hay. Not being able to play hide and seek with relatives throughout the entire farm? When would I have learned dominoe's? Little things like that are coming to thought and they mean so much to me, more than you would think. I was kind of worried that it hadn't sunk in yet because I am at work and I haven't gotten emotional. I wondered why? But as I'm typing this I am starting to think about the past and the times we shared.


... And while typing out my post, I have started to become emotional about it. So maybe now it's sinking in.

I surely didn't see it coming, during the holidays, some of the familiy got together and had dinner and gifts with grandma and it was a good time. She seemed to be doing okay at the time, this was all so sudden, I didn't even ponder that it might be her last christmas or the last times I would spend with her.

I guess that's all I can say right now.. I do have things to get done. Take care everyone.

I got your update..hangin'

Been busy.. haven't had time to update.. a thousand apologies. :)

Actually.. ffxi has just been my main focus besides work and hockey the past few weeks or so.. That's just the way it is. :P That's totally all you get.

read below for the funnies

Okay.. I was having a funny conversation with rick and josh about mars and ffxi.. and how everything I do right now in some way affects ffxi.. You are thinking?? what? Is he addicted? Is he wacked? Nope.. and nope. I am having fun with the game.. and I do look at the clock and wonder how long until I can get back to whatever I'm doing in the game.. but any GOOD game should capture your attention.. which is not to say addict you. Sure I have been doing less of certain things and playing more ffxi in place.. but look what I'm not doing? I'm not watching tv.. blah.. I still make time to watch an ep or two of firefly.. and I surely won't miss any Naruto.. so that's about all I'm watching right now.. I'm not missing hockey.. so I got the exercise thing going on still.. I got the foosball table.. woot.. So that's got some time too.. blah blah.. I'm having fun with the game and that is what I paid for and am paying for. :) If I get sick of it.. I'll just stop playing. :) So far, so good. more to come.

as promised

Yeah.. I should probably pay some bills though, eh? I'll get right on that.. :P Or maybe I'll go raise my cooking skill.. or level up my bard job.. w00t!

Have you seen the pics of mars? From the surface? They are pretty cool.. makes me wonder if I shouldn't become a rock farmer on mars? They have all sorts of varieties ranging from black to dark gray.. smo0th to jaggedy.. I'm sure I could farm them for the rest of my life... just as long as I can get some FFXI action while i'm not farming rocks. :) Oh.. and I'll need a second computer for researching ffxi.. oh and free delivered pizza and water.. lots of water, maybe some oxygen too.. not sure if I need that. Better toss in free oxygen too.. then you got yourself a full on rock farmer.. but I need at least 8 hours a day to spend on ffxi.. gotta make sure I'm growing onions to make the kabobs.. and I need time to hunt for cockatrice meat!!! and time to sing songs as a bard..

You know what? Better make it 10 hours a day for ffxi..


Since posting that picture.. I've heard a few comments about that.. and other times that I've had bleached hair.. blah blah blah.. sometimes you just need a change.. something different.. away from the plain old same thing you always do.. Look at me now.. I'm parting my hair again on the side.. like I did when I was little.. I didn't really like it then.. and I don't really like it now.. in the middle.. I liked it better.. but it seems that nobody else did.. I guess it doesn't really matter that much.. I should do what I want.. and just a note.. I've liked my hair every color it's been.. even when it tinted green from going in the pool when it was freshly bleached.. I've probably had bleached hair 5 or so times in my life.. ranging from damn near white.. to gold, like for my brothers' wedding. :) It was pretty light 2 years ago April when I bleached it in Florida.. I liked it then too.. blah.. I have no idea what the point of this post is.. so I'll just end it here..

update, rupdate, and pupdate

That title is so inside that basically no one will get that joke.. unless my boss or brother are reading this. :) Actually another regular if he thinks WAY back he might get it too..

My holidays went well.. lots of vacation time used... mostly spent playing final fantasy xi... It's super fun and hella sweet. :) More inside jokes..

The foosball table rocks.. I'm still not "good" by any real standards.. but I'm sure I'll get better.. I've improved vast amounts since getting the table.. but I still get whooped by people at the bars and my dickhead brother Andy still kicks my ass..

Hockey is "okay".. I haven't played in Oshkosh for awhile.. holidays and such have put a crimp on that.. but we finally stopped the pain in our league.. our 3 game losing streak ended with a 4 - 4 tie last night.. I just have no luck.. every bounce goes for the other team... I gave up a couple of goals that I had no chance on.. but the other 2... we just plain bad luck.. continued....

yadda yadda continued..

so I dropped one puck and it trickled in... and the other weak one.. was a shot from a bad angle that hit me right in the facemask.. and bounced in the net.. SUCK! But the team pushed and got a tie.. so that was not bad.. we are like 5-4-4 now..

What else? I got a fancy craftsman toolbox thing for xmas from my family.. it's a rolling toolbox.. for my storage shed... so now I'm have begun to double my tools.. which is costly.. with craftsman equipment.. Benji also got me a Roloson, MN Wild third jersey... which totally rocks!!!

I'll be putting up some pics... from the rallyx... not many.. but a few.. check for the links in the gallery area later on today.. also.. I'll update the featured foto to a pic of me from the 80's.. full on spiked and bleeched hair.. it's suppa Hasselhoff sweet.. :) Or maybe just thrasher/poser styles. :0 You'll just have to wait and see.

Yo yo.. here is your update

Did all my faithful readers leave? Oh well.. I'm fine with blathering into space. Sorry about the lack of updates.. To say I've been busy is a huge understatement.. Now when I say busy, I mean... busy with work and busy with play... cause you and I all know, I won't go with play for very long! I just haven't had time to update from home and I was unable to update from work because of the new firewall install.. well, I got things handled with that now.. so I can update from all over.

What's new in my world? Well, I have a foosball table at my house... brand new Tornado Soccer, Cyclone II!! Also been playing a LOT of final fantasy xi. I have a 16 lvl monk.. who is Mr. Smashy McSmash.. I should be 17 by later tonight. :)

What else? Well, as plans stand right now, I will be taking part in my first rallycross race on Sunday!!! I have yet to get details though... so hopefully things don't fall through.. that would be a let down! Also, my car is up and running again! But it's in storage.

pics yo!

Here are some pics for your enjoyment:

My baby is in storage

As mentioned earlier.. my car is now in storage for the winter.. unless it gets warm.. :) hehe.. Had to go to Milwaukee yesterday.. so I couldn't get it in storage before the snow came.. :( But it's in storage now.. and it's clean! check it:

The new list

Okay.. first off, I'm sick... cold/flu, etc... that's how I started last weekend... which was great, because I had a very busy weekend planned that I really couldn't change. So then, let's get to it. Josh came up Thursday for some pre-lan, lan action.. We played some final fantasy xi, then played some desert combat for battlefield 1942.. which was hott. I got some mad helicopter practice.. sidenote, I'm the man with when it comes to flying helicopters in that game! Okay.. then Friday I had lan party setup.. ughh.. got some desert combat action friday night too. :) See a trend? More to come.

Saturday/Sunday was tbcs 23, our 5 year anniversary.. w00t! We had 65 or so peeps show up... Ninja, you are in trouble!!! 80 peeps register and there are 10 on the waiting list that I say can come.. I expect 80 or so.. why do people register if they aren't going to attend??? okay then. Played some mad desert combat action at the lan party. Played some call of duty too.. and some worms 3d. ;)


Okay then... also played some single player, need for speed: underground.. which is pretty much a ricer's delight. You get to rice out your ride for "style points"... but there is a vdub gti in the game.. so I tricked out, not riced out, one of them and am racing all the ricerboys and kicking their asses. :) I did break down and put a wing on it.. but in my defense.. I'm going over 150mph.. so I need some of that downforce.. NO stickers! anywho.. that's about all I played.. desert combat was the best though! I love the 'lost village' map... it's totally black hawk down with chain guns on the choppers..

Now to the real list I was making.. what I have to do in the next few days...

Car stuff - Put my car back together.. I have a boatload of parts for it.. Hopefully Friday it will be running again.. I want to take it to a gtg at hooters with the fox cities dubbers crew.. I don't want to roll in the mystery machine.. I know it mad real, yo! but so is my corrado. more in a sec.

stupid sql

I really have to look at this db.. I really want to be able to ramble for hours without making a new field.. and I want to be able to edit it!!!!

Okay then.. I have a couple pc's to build up in exchange for my foosball table.. yeah that's right peeps!!! I'm getting a tornado cyclone II soccer table for the hizouse! Now I need to clean that pit up and make room for it.

I should probably do some xmas shopping... haven't even thought about that. What else? Oh, I have a new firewall to install at work.. with any luck at all, I will have that done tonight.. and I will be able to sleep off my sickness tomorrow or the next day.. I'm sure it will do wonders for me to be sitting in my cold storage shed working on my car when I'm sick...but hey.. I am a slave to the corrado, so sickness be damned!

p.s. I just saw a post about an 87 scirocco for sale in madison for dirt cheap and it is in working condition... /me is VERY tempted... winter driver and rallycrosser??? hmm... ice racer too? damn!


Almost forgot... I had a hockey game last night at 6:15.. which meant early/fast cleanup of tbcs.. ugh.. thanks for help, Pete, Branden, Adam, and Karl. I played my game and was doing great for the first period.. I think it was 4-1 after the first.. the 1 goal against me was totally my fault.. I rushed out to beat an opposing skater to the puck, which I did.. but when I tried to pass it through his feet, it bounced off his knee and trickled right into my net.. :( How dumb? Anywho.. after the first period, of 2 30 minute periods, we were still kicking ass.. it was 8-1 soon.. and then we got a powerplay and my team forgot what defense was.. the other team got 2 shorted handed goals.. both 2 on 0.. I didn't have much of a chance to stop them. We finished the game 8-5.. I let in a couple more.. I am sick.. what do you want? A shutout? I wish... :( Then a player from the green team, in the next game asked if I could play goal for them.. I agreed... dumb! Anywho.. we won that game 5-2... I kick ass! :)

newest rat hunter 3d has got me

I've done it.. I've finally been taken over by the dark side.. I bought final fantasy xi, online, yesterday... so I've joined the ranks of the rat hunters.. evil!!

Um.. that's all I got for now..


I think I may have gotten my dual opteron system to be stable... finally. Well, I really haven't had any time to dedicate to troubleshoot the issue.. it just would crash on me um.. a lot. Anywho.. I yanked a stick of ram from it and now it has been stable. I will probably try putting the ram back in, in another slot to see if maybe that was the issue. Anywho.. It's been solid all day and part of yesterday since I did that.. we'll see if it continues. I tried some of the usual things that I could do to regularly get it to blue screen and it's been rock solid and REALLY fast.. even with only 512mb of ram.. hehe.. Loaded sql on it too.. can't wait to do a restore of one of our BIG db's just to see how fast it accomplishes the task.

the list is too long..

It would be a pain to list everything going on these days... Um, if you couldn't tell from the picture in my last post, I did go nuts and buy all the stuff for my car... w00t! No, it's not in it yet.. I still have some things to order.. and I'm waiting till I have the help I need to get it all installed. It's planned for Friday the 24th for install.. I can do some of the other stuff beforehand probably.. but for the most part, I'll need some help.. :)

This weekend is the LAN party.. going to have some hot desert combat action.. and probably some call of duty too.

I saw master and commander this past weekend.. w00t! Good movie! What else.. hmm... I should be getting my tornado soccer table in a week or so.. maybe two.. Now I just gotta make room for it! Gotta love the barter system.

The hockey team is now 3-1-3. We won last night 7-1. I thought it was going to be bad.. they scored off the opening face-off/rush...30 seconds in, puck was deflected and I was screened. 7-1 win.

It's BACK!

My g60 is back from KK along with some other goodies... :) Check it yo:

W00t! Can't wait to get it all installed.. waiting on a couple more parts and then just waiting on the people who are assisting.... okay they are doing most the work for me.. :)

KK rocks!

My charger arrived at Kompressor Kanada all safe and sound. I got a call yesterday saying that it was apart and it appears to be getting rebuilt in the nick of time. There was no displacer damage but the bearings were definately shot.. and the timing belt was near the point of breaking.. He said anyday it could have grenaded on me.. which would have been really really bad.. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do.. I spent a ton of money on my new storage shed which I hadn't planned on doing.. Paying a year upfront is not cool.. when you aren't expecting it. I want to buy the hop up kit, which is another 415 bucks.. but then I want to buy a new cam and lifters too.. oh and spark plugs.. which are $18 a pop for the right ones.. plus I had to buy a new outlet for the charger because I cracked open the seal on the old one to get it off. Another 120 bucks in upgrades there.. Should I stop whining and just strap it on?


It took 4+ hours.. and a couple trips to the hardware store to buy some more tools.. and other devices... but I got the supercharger OUT of the car.. my corrado isn't so super at the moment. :) It's in pieces.. The charger is sitting next to me in a box all packed and ready to send to Canada for rebuild and porting. I opened a 13+ year old can of worms!!! I now gotta pull the intercooler pipes and clean them all out.. and I spilled a bit of coolant in there too. Lunch time... here are a couple pics:

same old crap

Things are the same still.. shit isn't working 100% and I still don't have any time. In other news, Branden encoded up a few more episodes of Naruto.. and we watched them last night. I'm really starting to enjoy that anime. It's sorta childish, but then again, it is a cartoon.. :) It's also about ninja training, wish is pretty sweet, cause ninja's rock.. in a real ultimate power sorta way. :) If you doubt me.. check this out, it's one of the funniest websites in existence: ninja homepage. Oh dear, that brings back some memories of laughing my ass off to a midi version of big pimpin'... how fun.. Should I link up the "hello my future girlfriend" site? That's another one that brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it..

I forgot to mention that the main hockey league I'm in on Sundays, I'm 2-0-2 with only 4 goals against.. booyah! Did I mention 2 shutouts? Yeah that's right!

eat it..

Okay.. today has been a shitty day.. I should have gone back to bed in the few seconds I considered it this morning.. Never second guess youself.. :) Let's see.. I could make a list of things that aren't working right or are causing me pain.. but I don't know if that will help.. I'll just randomly list a few things.. hackers suck, trojans are bad.. and I'm not talking about condoms.. backup systems are a pain in my ass.. Let's see.. what else.. my workstation at work is flocked! I can barely use it to connect remotely to administer things.. um.. I have a list of shit to do a mile long and no time to concentrate on any of it.. and that's just super!!

w00t and blah..

The story of my life, I think... One really cool and totally sweet (inside joke) thing happens and another annoying thing happens.. it's just the way the world works I guess..

But the really good thing is that a guy from the sports car club has offered to let me drive one of his cars in some rally's and ice racing this winter.. booyah!!!

The crappy thing is that work is really sucking for me right now.. I've been fighting with a tape drive for the past day or so an it's getting annoying because I have a new firewall to install tomorrow and I have no time to be fucking around with tape drives...blah.. I gotta get back to the support guy.

News for this week?

wow.. three posts before lunch.. how will my readers keep up? I've been working my ass off lately.. installs, hardware updates, server installs, etc.. This week it's first of two new firewalls to get installed along with working on some more fiber replacements.. goody.. Man I wish I had some help.. this is getting hellish.. especially with dealing with the backups all the time too.. too much work, not enough time..

suck suck suck

The past two weeks has really sucked for me at work.. I seriously need to take a week off of this bullshit!

yeah um.. okay

Okay.. you want the rest of the story from yesterday's post? Here goes: I got to fvtc to help with course and timer setup.. I got to drive the course at speed a couple times to test out a corner they were concerned with. Shortly thereafter, I was concerned with a noise my car was making.. a knock of sorts. I decided not to run.. even though the noise went away and hasn't returned.. I was so damn busy running the software, I really wasn't too concerned with running my car anyways.. it would have been hard, I could have.. Once the basics of the sofware are figured out, it's easy to stage a car and have it do all the work. The problems we had were with keeping sure everything was correct and figuring out how to change things that were wrong.. I couldn't figure out how to change a time by hand and I couldn't figure out how to move a time to a different driver.

After the autox, I hit up taco john's for some mexican goodness and then off to the ice rink for my league game... more to come..

more weekend news

Holy weekend news batman..

Okay, I promised more news..

Okay, I went to the rink for my game.. saw a guy mess up his shoulder getting tripped into the boards.. ambulance, etc.. Then my game started.. I found out that the team I am on is the team that won the league last year.. and the team we were playing was the team that beat them in the final tournament... so they really wanted to win. We were leading or tied for most the game, never behind.. with 10 minutes left, my team sorts ran out of gas.. we had a ton of bad penalties called against us... total bs.. and they had used their steam to keep the other team from getting too many shots on me.. so they were dead and the last 8 minutes were rough on me.. I let one more in.. which tied the game at 3... the guys didn't have what it took to get another goal and it finished a 3-3 tie. We outplayed them most the game.. I thought I did a fairly good job.. the first two I let in were screened shots that I never saw..the last on a rebound.

woah.. long weekend

Friday night was long... started out with Josh showing up to help me do some fiber and switch replacements at work.. gig fiber compared to 10mb is sexy... just saying. That went so-so.. we got half of it done and working.. I gotta look into the other stuff to figure out why it wasn't working.

Then we went and got some food.. mexican @ durango's, then back to Kevin's to drink and play some Texas Hold'em. Some people got drunk.. oh shit.. I left my other can of ready whip in the fridge!!!! it's mine! We drank.. had fun, etc. Somebody likes to play with the phone when they are drunk... bad brandy!! Cops are not cool at a drinking gtg... just sayin, again.

Then Saturday.. slept in.. booyah! Then off to fvbn... for some vamp action. then to perkins, etc..

Did I sleep then? No sir.. I had to figure out the new software for autox scoring. Super.. I finished that at 4:30... and then went to bed..

Then up at 7:30 to go to the autox to setup said scoring system... more later...

blah blah blah

I just realized that my archive page is cutting off my posts.. that's really really annoying.. I'll have to have a sql guru take a look at that at somepoint.

Went to open hockey last night.. only 3 goalies.. so that rocks! Took a d60 with to have someone shoot some pics with my new gear.. ended up handing the cam to a random guy.. none of the pics turned out. :( if they were in focus... it would have been sweet.. meh.

I'm ready for lunch and a big long nap! gotta run.. later kids.


I'm so totally hosting my website on the first PC I ever built by myself.. w00t! Talk about recyling.. So yeah.. the site was down.. for way too long.. I haven't been able to rant or rave to my peeps in a long time.. I'll give you the quick summary:

Fall tour vw drive - KICK ASS!

Regular go-karting with the dubbers - KICK ASS!

Me in 2 hockey leagues playing goalie - KICK ASS!
Work - Shoot me! Been doing all sorts of upgrades and installs.. it's been hectic..
My Car - Disregard the dead battery issues and it's KICK ASS! Charger rebuild and engine upgrades are slated for the winter
Newlarp - Not a bad season.. got some stuff done for my character that's all cool.. and he's still kicking.. so that's a plus
FVBN - meh! People have been messing up my shit.. we'll see if they continue of if they get a grip and decide it's just not all about them..
Hangin out - What have I been doing? Building pc's like a mofo.. I watched season 1 Smallville with brandy, more later...


I messed up some br tags in that list.. but my sql backend doesn't let me edit my really long posts.. so I'd have to copy and paste and re-edit the thing.. meh I say!

Back up and running

Okay.. the site has been down a LONG time.. sorry about that.. certain things got in the way that prevented me from getting it up any sooner... sorry.. I'll post tomorrow about all the happenings in my little corner of the world.. but now I got things to do.. later.

yeah.. I'm not 100% yet..

It took about ten seconds of warmup last night to remind me that my groin is not 100% yet... Every single save I went down for last night caused me some pain... I took an ibuprofen before I went to bed to keep the swelling down.. so far it's okay.. sore.. but okay.. I don't think I reinjured it or anything.. just a bit tight from now stretching for 3 weeks. I was pretty sucky on the ice last night though.. very slow getting up.. I had a few good saves.. but with 4 goalies there again.. it's really hard to get into any "groove".. I hate the 10 minute shifts thing so much..

I just played a game of "atomic badger racing"... kid you not.. check it: here. Anywho.. Let's see.. what else.. oh, be sure to watch the badger badger toon.. it's some funny shit.. not as funny as stepping in dog shit when you step out of the bathroom in the morning.. but still pretty funny. Oh the dogshit thing.. yeah.. that happened this morning and it was lovely...

it's hockey time!

Okay.. so I got my first "call to duty" for the hockey league.. I guess I will get to see the ice in the league this year. booyah! I hope my new blocker gets here in time.. It should..

Um.. I noticed that googlegear is now called zipzoomfly.com... they must have gotten sued by google for likeness rights or something.. as Branden would say, "too bad your ass got sacked!".. :) Anywho.. whatever their name is.. they rock! Josh says newegg.com is the bomb too.. I used to buy monitors from the site that they used to be.. I forget the name.. I remember them changing to newegg.. Anywho.. I gotta get some crap done.. I'll talk to you later.. Oh, btw.. gurps tonight! w00t!

Just for me..

ahhh... that's better. I haven't seen a rolling pic of my car on my site in a long time..

Filthy bilge rats!!

That's what I think about the local optical store that I go to.. Sure, I was planning on taking advantage of them again.. by getting a pair of trial contacts and using them for 9 months without ever ordering ones... but that's just good shopping on my part.. isn't it? Fuckers! Making me order 6 pairs of contacts, to the tune of $112.. Hey, I guess they didn't say I need to get a new prescription.. I would have gone off on them.. Said gimme my prescription and I'll be shopping online.. thankyou bye.. but instead.. I'm going to take it in the caker and pay them their money.. the thing that blows is that they need to offer a "occasional wearer" plan or something.. I only wear contacts for hockey.. so I can go months and months on a single pair of lenses.. no matter what their predefined wear timeline is.. a few hours a week is nothing.. I'm just pissed that they marked down in my records that I had a trial pair and never ordered sets of lenses.. that's just crap. Bastard Bilge Rats!!! argggghh!

I think me be a land lubber!

That's right matey's.. it's international talk like a pirate day!

I think I'm backing out of the whole blackhawk farms thing.. I really want to get my supercharger rebuilt before I go pounding on it.. .. also the pics of the track didn't much impress me.. I'm thinking that I should wait for a driver's school at road america next season and convince josh to come race with me.. it would be a hoot.

going racing..

I think I have decided to participate in the high speed autocross at blackhawk farms raceway on the 27th.. I just have to convince Josh to spend the day there with me. :) So I can crash at his place friday.. and then head to beloit on Saturday morning.. I'm thinking it will be done by mid afternoon.. so we can get back to town at a reasonable time..

I seriously had a better update than this.. but as soon as I opened up sql.. I forgot what I was going to post about.. racing was all I could muster up...

fvbn is this weekend.. as well as a vw go karting event.. I think I'm going to squeeze in both events. :) Changed my oil and washed the car up last night.. it looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.. and I just did.

I finally remembered why I wanted to post.. it was because I just got info for a weeknight hockey league that needs goalies.. booyah! This 30+ league signup form says, "must be 25+".. I think that's just funny.. why don't they call it the 25+ league? duh? W00t!


Ate dinner at the TCCC last night.. it was excellent. I got to see Ben "beating branden's meat", which he referred to as "pounding his pork".. regardless.. I think Branden liked his Frenched pork chop. I had a yummie filet but the best was the super secret white russian cheesecake that we had for dessert!!! booyah! Except for JAKE being a dirty liar about the mousse! I'll have to kick his ass later for that...

In other news... as cold weather approaches and Ben is nearing the payoff on the saturn.. I find myself considering new vehicles... I'd really like to buy a new VW.. but I just don't think it would be practical. So now I'm looking at either a tahoe/yukon.. or maybe even a volvo awd wagon.. I'm not sure if the volvo could pull my boat though.. so that might be a kicker. I need to pull the boat and jet skis.. and drive in the winter.. so 4 doors and 4wd are kind of on my list of essentials. I can't make up my mind.. I guess it doesn't really matter until I'm ready to get another loan...

blah blah.. it's monday

Okay... TBCS 22 is offically over.. I had a "so-so" time.. I played some games.. had some fun... but also had a bit more troubleshooting than I like.. also a bit more whining from people I was already going out of my way to help.. that's always nice... anywho... Here is your moment of rice for today: ricer2.

hehe... uncle ben..

Uncle ben says, "nice rice!!" If you want to laugh at this riced out chevy... click on the invisible link: rice1. Alrighty then.. enough laughing for today.. I gotta drive to mil-town to get some computer parts.

horse pills

So I've had 4 of the horse pills now... they seem to be helping a lot! I actually got sleep last night.. and I was able to sit in my chair for a couple hours and watch some buffy and angel.

Hopefully I'll be able to sit through the drive to Milwaukee tonight to pick up the shit ton of computer parts from Mike.. Guess I'll check on gregg and trish's pets tonight too...

if you got lost...

If you got lost in my posts yesterday.. I know sql is being a whore with the ordering since I don't put the time of day on anymore.. anyways.. It was determined that my groin is pulled.. it happened at hockey last wednesday.. I won't be playing hockey this week.. and maybe not next week either..

ouchie! My hip flexor is faaacked!

Did a little asking around and research... turns out I have a tear or strain on my hip flexor muscle.. which is what allows me to bend at the waist and to left my knee.. great right? It hurts to sit, it hurts to lay.. standing is about the only thing that doesn't hurt and that get old, quick. I went swimming yesterday and did some hot tubbing too.. I'm thinking that swimming is going to be my activity of the week.. cause I can't play hockey like this. I can't even sit for long periods of time. I might have to break down and take some medicine.. ack!

In other news, I won the STS class at the autocross yesterday.. w00t! My car handles awesomely!! I made that word up! I can get a nice rear wheel drift without much effort.. which makes those hard turns at the end of the straights really fun! Anywho.. My hip hurts.. wish I had an ice pack with me here..

Congrats to Gregg and Trish! They got their marriage thing "on" this weekend.. it was a hoot! I was tophatman and the chicks dug it!

no hip flexor...

It's a full on groin pull.. I got some 800mg ibuprofen to prove it.. and I even swollowed it without incident.. I told Josh that I could swollow a mack truck with the amount of pain I'm in right now...


lift my knee.. not left my knee.. it's actually my right leg.. Also, I took a lap at the autox with a vw formula vee, it's an open wheel car.. it was sweet! It was hard to fit and tight.. but I was able to drive it.

word up.

Asus has been making me quite happy lately.. Although, not happy enough to buy a discontinued dual athlon mobo.. I went with msi cause they still produce it.. But happy cause my video card finally released.. it's rocking in my machine at home.. but also, they released a dvdr that burns all the formats.. dvd-r +r -rw +rw.. w00t.. all for a sexy internal atapi drive for just under 200 bones. Sold american. Too bad it's only cdr 12x.. I'm going to have to get an asus 52x cdrw as my 2nd drive.. but hey, you need 2 drives to burn dupes anyhow. My equipment should be here today, well here being relative.. Milwaukee actually.. but I can't possibly go there until Monday.. I'm that fucking busy this weekend.. is that insane or what? Actually.. Maybe sunday night.... after the autox.. we'll see.. I gots the laundry to do, bigtime!

Finally.. some options...

Okay.. I ordered the mobo and case and ram for my dual 1600 athlon mp machine.. Those processors have been gathering dust, not literally, but they have been sitting around since I upgraded to dual 2400's in my main machine at home. Hopefully, I'll have that all put together and installed for the shoot as another server.. I should have way more than enough servers without doing any whoring at all. I'm going to have some moola from building some machines as a side job in the near future as well.. the decision to either put that money down on a new car.. or to buy a reliable used car is where I'm at now.. And the everlasting option to upgrade my car's power is always right there dangling in front of me. I gotsta get my charger rebuilt but I would like to wait till I'm not driving it every day cause no charger sucks dong! Anywho.. so I got some decisions to face.. not as hard as say.. what's for dinner tonight? But still...

Got a wedding thing on saturday.. and autox on sunday.. later.

triple meh!

When do I get to be lazy?? Seriously... I wish all the housework would just go away.. I think I may have contained the water heater leak that was plaguing the back room.. we'll see if it dries up in the next few days. I was going to dedicate yesterday to cleaning up.. but I slept till 1pm and then screwed around till 3, then went to thornberry, got a free burger, then golfed with Ben and Jake, then ate dinner there.. Then a stop at the PCP proved to be unexciting and we left, wasting half a pitcher of newcastle cause we were all tired and not willing to slam it down.

Friday I got major drunky, and by major, I mean I puked for a long time!! :) I should really refrain from doing that. I used to have a very good internal meter that would tell me when to stop drinking but I guess it's beginning to fail me. I'll have to return to my normal drinking habits of one and done.. or maybe not.. :)

I have two hands again...

Cast is off... I played hockey last night too! w00t! I have a brace thingy I have to wear for 2 weeks when I'm doing anything active.. and sleeping.. so I don't mess up my hand and wrist.. but it's velcro'd.. so I can take it off whenever I want...

There are a bunch of galleries down there to check out.. I haven't had time to re-edit the lemans one.. there are some pics missing from it and there are also some crappy ones that remained part of the gallery. I'll fix that when I get a chance. My ubernet was all brokey last night. meh.. I gotta get some work done... later peeps.

galleries up

check down in the galleries area for the links.. I'm lazy.. and I have a headache..

my baby...

It's still at Tony's getting fixed... I miss it!! Here is my suspension gallery: suspension install.

Yo peeps!

Alright.. new suspension is IN! Upper front stress bar and the rear upper stress bar, which materialized from thin air, are both installed as well. Thanks Gregg and Brian T too, for that rear bar.. and thanks Ben (different Ben) for your efforts on the whole installation thing. My car now handles even more like a race car! w00t!!! w00t!!!

My time was short with the new suspension though cause I had to give my baby up for a couple days to get the bumper painted and the dent in the fender removed, etc.. Me wanty to drive!!!!

Did I mention that my car rocks? I took some high speed corners in the country yesterday and it was incredible.. I can't wait for the next autocross!! and Treffen!!!

go-kart gallery up from friday.. check it out here:gokarts. I know it's yellow text on yellow background.. deal!

gimping along

The one armer is getting along fine.. actually, my typing is pretty good considering my arm is in a cast..

Still no pics of the new cast yet.. soon, I promise.

I got some stuff for my car yesterday.. new side indicator light, new leather shift knob, random other plastic things that were worn out that I decided to replace before the show. My suspension should be here on friday.. with a weekend install.. w00t! Before and after pics will be avail..

blah blah blah

The weekend was a nice change from that whole work thing. Newlarp went well.. stopped by the autocross, decided not to race.. trying to arrange everything for my car to be ready for treffen. It's going to be tight.

Congrats to Mary and Steve, the ultrasound says "it's a boy!" I hope everything continues to go smoothly! Note: the magic 8-ball was so wrong!!!

No pics of the new cast yet... sorry.

double meh!

the show is over.. I have a new cast, it's yellow! I have some pics to share.. but that's a pain to do right now.

more suckage..

nuff said...


scratched my car, broke my hand in anger... nuff said. might post pics later. btw my 9500 ultra is in milwaukee!


Okay.. people are talking near me and it's driving me crazy.. I so want to interject.. but I'll refrain...

In other news... I went on a date Saturday night.. We went to a town picnic in a little town near Hartford.. it was a good time. I wish they would have had some corn on the cob.. I have a real craving lately... :) So it was a good time.. and more dates will happen.. I just need to get through this convention thing.. and I'll have a lot more free time for social activities...

Also.. I really really want to get new suspension for my car... before Treffen if I can afford it.. but I'm really undecided at what to get.. some people say sport shocks and springs are the way to go.. to lower it, give it a stiffer ride without the big expense.. but then others say coilovers are worth every penny you spend.. and you can't go wrong with them.. I'd be tempted by the sport shocks route if I would actually see them for the "cheaper" price.. so far I have found them for $725.. which isn't that cheap.


I really meant to type "buy".. not "by".. but I don't feel like editing it.. :)

What's new with you?

I've been so busy.. I haven't been able to keep up with all my friends, their blogs, and other happenings.. Okay.. so I've kept up with most of them... but I still feel like I'm a separate entity these days... I actually had a discussion with my boss to decide what day it was today.... he swore it was Tuesday... Ah... convention setup..

In other news.. I finally got my new sexy sexy goodyear eagle f1 gs-d3's mounted and balanced and put on my car.. they are very very sexy.. if you didn't catch that the first time. I'm going to wash her up good.. and take some pics after work.. oh way.. works done... I gotta go clean my car up/out.. etc. :) Just a note.. these tires are awesome! And that douchebag who told me my wheel bearings were bad... if only you knew how much egg was on your face... cause with these tires.. it's smooth as silk... no tire noise.. no cornering noise... nothing.. but most importantly.. I don't feel the slight shudder on the breaks anymore.. w00t to that! later kiddies...

The things you own...

Will end up owning you.. My corrado has consumed me the last few days... ideas... mods, repairs, etc.. I find myself spending WAY too much time on websites.. like vwvotex..and neuspeed.. and the like. I really gotta just focus for awhile.. $1k on suspension is a bit much right now considering I just spend 300 on tires that are sitting in my living room. :)

Yo ho ho!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome! It was funny... it had undead, it had pirates, it had cannons and guns, and swords, oh my! Sexy ladies.. a midget, a monkey, and even a parrot.. did I mention a monkey? shhh.. the monkey is undead!! oh yeah baby!!! Johnny D, for delivered!! Loved the gold teeth.. his intro was fucking priceless! It was long but enjoyably so! Swordfights, misdirection, mistrust, lies, honor, trust, it was all in there baby.. and to top it off... there were a couple of pirates! Don't let me forget to mention the monkey. Cool special effects throughout.. done right! If I had a supernova head rating scale thing.. it'd be the best score possible

Too many decisions...

New tires, new suspension... new wheels? All of these are things I've considered for my car.. New tires are pretty much a must in the next while.. but I think it would be hott to have some sexy new suspension too.. and wheels are never a bad thing! Although, I think I've decided not to offer a guy on vortex cash for his wheels and tires... I just suspect that something is wrong with them.. he has pics on the site.. but very small... I ask for close ups and he waffles saying he borrowed the cam and it isn't available.. I then ask about the tires and he admits that 2 of them are different brands from the others.. but still very new. A bell went off and I'm just going to order my eagles and call it a day! Suspension... damn I wish I had the $$ for it right now. $1k is a bit much to spend on something that isn't broken right now.

I would have cool pics for you..

But Josh stole my camera... and I didn't get it back until last night.. Bastard! Saw some really cool cars yesterday at a volkswagen get together in Milwaukee. Got my ass handed to me by an eclipse.. He beat me by a car length.. but if it makes me feel any better, it was all at the launch. I stayed with him for the rest of it.

What a busy weekend.. Didn't actually get to do any flying.. fucking weather! Did go to the ren faire on Saturday though, that was a h00t! I bought some new costume stuff.. Did lots of driving this weekend.. .. Also, I've seen a few movies in the past week that I haven't mentioned.. I saw t3, it was okay, saw Hulk, better than I expected.. but I did dose off a couple times. :) What else? meh, I got nothing... laterz..

Your friendly neighborhood update

You thought of spiderman... didn't you? mleh to you! Just for the record, Wolverine could kick spidey's ass.. if they were in a closed arena where he couldn't run away like a sissy.. I have nothing against spiderman btw.. :)

Saw gangs of new york last night... that Daniel Day Lewis is the man...It was pretty good! A bit long... but hey.. ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I've been using my crappy laptop lately so updates from it don't happen.. but I took a break and worked on a real laptop for a few minutes to bring you these special announcements. Ren Faire on Saturday... hopefully flying and vw gtg on Sunday.. What to do tomorrow though? Hot sex? Don't I wish.... until next time... remember: You're only human.. sometimes you just gotta tell people to bite the big one!

So what is the deal?

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure... What am I talking about? I don't know that either. This week has been an odd one for me. I'm starting to lose track of the days already and that's bad. I wake up and I wonder if I'm late for work or early for sleeping in.. But now that I'll be working everyday... I guess that second option isn't really an option.

blah. I have a new gallery to post up.. but it's on my mp3 player and my cable to hook it up is away from me right now... I'll try to get around to it yet this morning and even put a new featured foto up. I'm surprised Bran hasn't asked me to take that pic down yet. The gallery is from this year's June sprints @ Road America. I was only able to shoot 2 races though... Some issues came up and I ended up leaving early.. yadda yadda yadda.. enough rambling. Talk to you later.

yada yada...

I'm busy and shit.. Antenna's, rental pc's, etc... so work is a bit busy atm. I managed to get both jet skis in the water and running this weekend!! w00t! w00t! I hope I can continue to get them wet on a regular basis this summer.

In other news.. I attended the june sprints at Road America yesterday... too bad my Corrado was feeling ill.. or I would have stayed for the whole day.. Instead, I only shot two of the races.. You'll get galleries when I get to it! :P Gotta run.


Yeah.. I'm a little tired today. Watched a ton of buffy last night.. trying to catch up. I'm only 1/2 a season away from the current dvd versions.

Whoops! I was putting up antenna's yesterday and naturally, I wanted to hear some music while I was working. So there I was for a couple hours with the stereo pumping and the car not running.. next thing you know, a big storm rolls in and I pack up, get in the car only to find that it doesn't have enough juice to start up.. double whoops! That freaking amp must draw a ton of power for it to drain that quickly.. I got my windows closed before it started to rain and jumped it just a few minutes later. To top it off, I blew the power windows/locks fuse again. That happened once before... Not sure what the deal is with that. I suppose at some point, I'll be pulling things apart to locate said electrical short..

Those crazy trackers..

So I was looking at a friends tracker.. and traced some of the IP's.. everything looked normal.. just friends.. and maybe a few random hits here and there.. then I go through my own tracker and I see a really wierd item in there.. Some computer security company or something.. My mind jumps through all the possible things.. Next thing you know, I'm looking through my site and I see lots of things that really shouldn't just sitting on the web... so there I was.. deleting/moving all sorts of files.. And changing some permissions on the site too.. Now I feel much better.

I'm still contemplating moving the site... I should... just for the safety of all parties.. but I'm busy right now.. so I don't have time to do it..

1 out of 2 isn't bad..

There I was in the storage shed... I installed the battery in my jet ski.. and would you believe it started right up? I was as shocked as you are. Then my mom's wouldn't start... wierdness.. I messed with it for a bit.. then I got it to turn over and eventually start. w00t, I thought.. Then I got to the lake.. long story short, it wouldn't turn over when I got it to the water.. So Brandy and I took turns on my jet ski for an hour or so.. Having to run all over town to get the necessary hitch crap.. was a bitch.. and buying new life vests cause I always leave mine in the boat... blah.. More jet skiing soon! Maybe I'll mess with the other one tonight to get it going..

workin' it...

I've begun the process of installing wireless locations for the big convention.. so my posts might not be very often for awhile... although, I just loaded the necessary stuff.. so I could post to you now.. so who knows.

If you don't know who Orange County Choppers are or American Chopper on Discovery channel, check out their site: OCC. Also, the two main people Paul Sr. and Jr. will be on Letterman tonight.. Don't miss it!!

Let's see.. what else.. www.homestarrunner.com is still funny as can be.. Trogdor kicks major ass! Jet skiing might be in my future for tonight.. provided I can get them running.. I got the boat going yesterday.. so that was all fun! Okay.. so it was a lot of sweat.. but it was worth it. It should run all summer now.. *knocks on wood*. Back to work..

I got nothing...

Saturday's autocross went very smoothly.. It was a beautiful day.. and I think just about everybody enjoyed my course.. Just a note, they wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.. but when I left to go get my car, some changes were made that made it the fastest course that we've had in 2 years. A viper gts showed up... that was fun... I beat him with the corrado except for his last run... he managed to squeak out a one second lead on me. :) I just think that's funny. Even the vettes did fairly well on the course. It's a shame though.. cause the usual fastest lap people are the miata's and crx's... and this time it was a pontiac firehawk that took the fastest lap of the day. I don't know though.. We didn't use the index thingy.. I think that if we had.. that maybe I would have had the fastest lap.. cause I had some really kick ass times. Maybe I'll go through and reclass the fastest people and apply the index to see who would have won fastest lap with the old rules.


The only downside to the new rules is that there are too many classes. We only had one real class this time that had enough people to give prizes away.. and we didn't bother even doing that.. since we couldn't locate what we needed to make said prizes. blah.. it was fun and safe and that's all that matters.

Sunday was another story... I picked up my new washer... w00t! I tried to go boating.. but that didn't happen. The boat started at home.. but then decided it was afraid of the lake.. so it wouldn't start when we got there. It's just a battery issue... I have the charger on that puppy right now and I'm going to buy one of those fancy jump packs too...

Note this for the record..

Branden = mean drunk... Lemon drops, orange drops, goldschlager... then some other random stuff.. vodka and rum.. Don't forget some Newcastle and harp to mix it all up with and you get one mean little Brandy... oh when I say little, I mean heavy and hard to carry... oh an did I mention, mean? Violence comes second nature to him when intoxicated... So anyways.. It's fucking early... I didn't get squat for sleep... but I got shit to do... so here I am.

This just in...

HD isn't all that special... at least the current tv offerings aren't anything to write home to momma about....

Oh.. and Branden doesn't remember jack shit from last night.. so don't tell him about what he did to the dogs...


Too much to say today... First, congratulations to Branden! A high honors member of the class of '03 from ONHS. I went to the ceremony.. it was a bit long.. but it was cool to see the old school again. They've added on a bit and it's pretty nice.. It was also pretty cool to talk to one of my old teachers.. Most the teachers have retired since I was there.. but there are a few left. This one in particular taught english as well as some other electives in that area. He taught the creative writing class that I took my junior year which was a very memoriable class, indeed. Creative writing is such a personal and emotional thing, that it was no surprise that tempers would flare daily as well as feelings getting hurt by classmates who don't think before they speak. I remember it being a rarity to make it through a week of class when there wasn't some form of major class disruption be it a fight, somebody losing it when another would harass them for something they wrote, etc. It was a barrel of laughs.


Insert beavis and butthead grunts and laughs here.. That's my reaction to the 51 inches of pure tv goodness in my living room right now! It's very very sexy!

I'm tired.. from playing with the tv last night.. Oh.. and I'm sorry baby.. I didn't mean to be so mean about the posts 8 miles long with quotes... if it makes you feel any better.. it wasn't just you.. there were others that drove me to talk about it..

What's up dawg?

I can't really think of anything to say today.. Go ducks, I guess! Game 7 is tonight! I wish I could still be rooting for the Wild.. but hey, we can't win them all...

It's one of those, "blah", sort of mornings so far.. we'll see if it picks up.. I'm betting by noon, I'll be in a very good mood, hint towards the featured foto! Can't wait till the inaugural display of a movie on that beast! LOTR: FOTR, here we come!

Word of the day..

Ganja! If you see me.. just ask.. it's too funny express properly in this blog.

Shout out for the Brandy's.. don and den!

Branden is gradumatatatating tomorrow... unless he flunked his finals. :) Congrats!

In other news.., big equipment has returned to Oshberg! Here's your shout out biznatch!

teh funny!

Check this out: Homestarrunner. It's pretty funny.. go to toons and look at toons and the features with the email thing are pretty funny too!


Maybe I should have put (insert witty title here) blah.. I caught up on some blogs.. some people need to realize that they are posting HUGE fucking posts that contain boring quotes of poems and songs and all sorts of crazy shit that most people don't want to read. :) I understand posting poems of your own creation.. but taking song lyrics and poems from books.. or even long quotes from books.. just seems a bit excessive to me. Like it will further the point of your post? To be honest, I read a couple of lines and then usually just say fuck it.. cause I got better things to do than read the thoughts and writings of a person I don't know. If I wanted to read a book.. I'd do just that. :P Enough ranting..

I like to keep the content comprised of my thoughts.. not the thoughts of another. I'm a dick.. I'm aware of that.. now deal. boo-fuckity-hoo!

Alright then, I guess I'll step up to the plate.

So I show up to the sports car club meeting last night.. with the expectations of hearing about the next event.. where and when.. etc.. and helping with moving our equipment over to the new trailer. That's basically how it went down with the exception of all the club officers besides me, not being able to attend the next event, which means I got dropped into the role of event chairman.. so I have to get the trailer to and from the event.. setup the course, run registration, scoring, timing, etc. I get some mad club points for doing it though. :) But hell.. I gotta get up very early to figure out the track setup thing... :) It should be fun though! I just hope that Joshy will come and take pictures. :) It seems everybody really likes the pics of the events.. even when they don't get linked from the club site. :) I have the info now.. so I should be able to link those up without any assistance. We'll see how things go. I also have some graphics that I need to cleanup and enlarge to get on the trailer.

Check this..

bus config. I gotta run... but check that link out..

I think it's funny that somebody saw a quote on a pic in one of my old galleries and actually asked somebody to take it down.. wonder why they didn't ask me? What would my brother have to do with it. :)

Not bad.. not bad

This weekend was fairly good. I saw two movies in the theater that were both very good. Finding Nemo and The Italian Job. I wasn't sure how TIJ was going to be but it had Edward Norton in it... and you know he's never been in a bad movie... so his streak lives on! I recommend both flicks.

Saturday I went to a little VW show in Milwaukee. It was pretty cool, I actually entered my car to be judged but I didn't stick around to see how I did cause I had to go get my new exhaust installed. It's installed and boy what a difference. It sounds awesome! Not ricey at all, which is fairly important to me. I just need to get my fancy tip put on and we are good to go.

The next question I ask is.. How does a person know when mods become ricey? I think that I'll have to come up with a list of things that determine that. Usefulness vs. styling vs. lame upgrades that serve no purpose.. I'll have to get back to that later.


On the featured foto.. you'll see my techtonics exhaust for my corrado... very schweet!

It's friday.. so a big w00t to that.

I got the boat home.. now I just need to put the battery in it and clean it up..

Tiger woods 2003 kicks ass.. I almost don't want to say it's better than hot shots.. because hot shots was always a fucking riot.. but it is a better golf game. I just wish there was some cheering and jeering that you could do to the other players like hs had.

Animatrix didn't do that much for me.. The first one, Last flight of Osiris or whatever.. was awesome... it was made by square usa.. so that explains that.. but the rest were kind of goofy.

Wierd wierd dreams..

The past few days, I've been waking up just a few minutes later than I want to... and each time, my alarm interrupts a goofy dream that I'm having. As per usual, I forget the dreams moments after I wake up.. but today I remembered one very odd part of the very end of the dream.. It involved me yelling, "I like milk, now leave me the fuck alone." or something along those lines. What I was dreaming about, I have no clue. I know a week ago when I bought some icehouse, Branden got harassed to show his ID, which he didn't do because I told the cashier to bite me.. He missed the chance to say, "I like milk", because he froze when the cashier developed a southern draw. Anywho.. no idea if it's related.. I can't remember anything else about the dream or the other ones.. I just remember the other ones were good and I was mad to get interrupted by my alarm.

guess what?

I got my new exhaust today.. now to find a cheap installer.. :)

Also.. 2nd opinion of wheels thinks my bearings are fine.. thinks it's my tires that are causing the noise.

Yo yo yo..

Guess what peeps? Have you noticed that my posts are generally pretty short? Well, before the content was database driven, I used to ramble on and on... Anywho.. I changed the data type of the post field and now I can put a TON of content in it... so let the ramblings return! w00t!

In other news.. Patrick Roy is retiring from the NHL. He's kind of arrogant, but damn if you can deny that he's the greatest goalie that's played the game. Also, the devils are off to a 1-0 lead in the cup finals against the mighty mighty ducks.

I almost forgot to mention a couple things. First, I took a chance on the anime called: X. I bought the first dvd which contained 4 episodes, it's pretty cool! I can't wait to see more. Benji picked up tiger woods 03 for the ps2 yesterday.. We played some mad pebble beach action last night. It's a damn cool golf game!

ugh... where did my long weekend go?

I survived the big country club golf outing yesterday.. took 2nd out of our group of 4.. but not by much. Anywho.. it was fun.

Bbq at Rick's was a good time too. A little birdie told me that today is Senior Skip Day for the North seniors...

This just in, I suck at golf..

I got a t-time at Thornberry on Monday, so I figured I better get the cobwebs off my clubs.. Karl and I hit the links at sunset.. and boy was it sad! Note to self, hit the driving range BEFORE you go out your first time of the year.. not after...

I showed the love.. what gives?

I was showing my car all sorts of love yesterday.. ordered that new exhaust.. and then I rotated my tires... Now there is a wierd little vibration and noise in the front and I can't figure out why...

Lookout SQL

Go Adam, its your birthday... err wait, thats not till Friday... Anywho, I wrote a sql insert statement today that will soon turn into a web based update feature for my site... w00t to that!

Did you hear that?

Oh yeah.. it sounds like you just spent $438 on a new exhaust for your C? Nice guess.. my techtonics 2.25" stainless exhaust and tip are on their way!! w00t!

blah continued


Hey... stop looking at my screen!

Alright then.. I guess I won't be updating much today... I saw "Catch me if you can" last night with Branden.. it was way better than I expected.

blah blah blah...

It's Monday, I'm in SQL replication training.. w00! This weeked gets a big MEH, from me. It's kind of wierd when single player games are the most played games at a lan party.. Enter the matrix and vice city seemed to be the big games of the weekend, bo

Western finals is good.. but I want more!

I know it's greedy of me to want more.. but damn... to lose to the ducks like the wings and stars did? They deserve to be where they are.. it was not a fluke.. but so do the Wild. They played hard and beat 2 teams that should have defeated them.. just l

almost forgot

Saw Matrix: reloaded last night.. it's pretty good. I think the public will really have to wait to see the next one before they can really understand it at all.. I think they probably should have given out a little more info.. cause it was a cliffhanger.

Urge to kill, rising...

It's 3:56.. I found out 4 minutes ago that I don't need 10 servers for training next week.. which I finished yesterday.. I need 12. I have the day off tomorrow.. and they are needed by 8:30am on Monday. I guess I've waisted 4 minutes bitching about it a

Sorry but I'm really busy atm

Posts haven't been often the last few days.. sorry about that. I've been really busy. Had to move my webservers monday night at midnight to a new location.. that was a boatload of fun. It actually went very smoothly except for all the cuts on my hands

OMG!! Wild in the western finals

Nobody thought it could happen but there it is.. The Wild defeated the huge Avalanche in 7 games and now they defeated the Canucks in yet another 7 game series. The Mighty Ducks are the next opponent to face the Wild from Minnesota. Do you think they a


The wild have done it again.. 5-1 in game 6 vs. the nucks! With the 7-2 win in game 5, *quick math* that's 12 goals in 2 games! Which is pretty insane for playoff time! Go Wild! Game 7 is tonight.

Now for some thinking.. Have you ever been in

quick note

I don't want people that read my site wondering wtf I'm talking about with that last post.. I'm talking about car stuff... club stuff and vw things. It's a cult.. It's funny that they are even advertising it as such now.. if you haven't seen the latest

Are you Wild?

Have I pumped you up about the MN Wild enough? Cause I don't think I have.. tonight is another must win game for the Wild.. The one I could have been at.. had I decided to ditch my friends and buy just one ticket.. cause I couldn't get 4 as I needed or

Time to get WILD!

The Wild thrashed the Canucks last night 7-2 to bring the series to 3-2 in favor of the nucks. If the Wild can pull this out, they will be the first team to ever come back from 2 3-1 series deficites.

Time for Giggy to tip over and just give up.

blah blah blah..

I was trying to think of something good to post about today.. maybe a new poem or something goofy... but I got nothing.

Show some love for the Wild! Let's see them rally from another 3-1 playoff series!!! It'll be tough, but I know they can do it

Coming this summer to a place near you...

The Need for Sleep... Yeah that's right! I saw X2 at midnight and I'm fucking tired now.. It's going to be a LONG day today.. I can already tell. On another uplifting note.. I have my ticket for the special 10pm showing on the 14th for the Ultrascreen

I don't relate but here is my take

Think of it this way.. "You don't know what you had until it's gone." Then there are those who don't have it.. or have not had it to know the feeling at all. Sure, it might seem easier to be blind of the feelings because you have not been on the other

Enough of the sap already. :)

Okay.. time to talk about fun stuff.. I'm going flying tomorrow morning! w00t!!! Haven't flown since December.. I can't wait to get some spin action going in the cub! Speaking of that.. my medical certificate is expired.. I should get that renewed som

20 minutes...

Until I can try to buy Wild tickets.. w00t!

btw.. ignore all that crap I talked about earlier.. I was out of it.. little sleep tends to do that.. you know?

No ticket!

:( Bastards!!! I could have bought 1 single ticket... that's it.. not 2.. which is what I needed.

Life goes on!

Many people I know are having some difficult times right now.. with work, relationships, friendships, etc... I'm here to tell you that it's just "stuff".. and no matter how things look now, as long as you don't let them consume you, they will get better..

Yesterday just plain sucked!

Work was meh.. Got some new servers.. should have been a fun day.. but of course they aren't configured properly... Then I stayed late to get some bills payed so I could drop them in the mail on my way home and wouldn't you know it, I forgot them on my

Hockey, autocross, and pc building... what more?

My weekend was mega busy... Watched a lot of hockey.. played some roller hockey yesterday, my shoulder keeps reminding me.. Didn't make it to Sunday morning skate in Appleton but I did make it to the Autocross. It was a good time! I ended up 2nd in G-

In case you didn't see

I posted the photo gallery from game 6 on the right hand side.. I'm still too lazy to adjust the font colors in my style sheet so the link is the same color as the background unless you highlight it in the main text area here on my page.. deal. :)

woot for the wild!

I was one of almost 20,000 people on hand at the Excel Energy center last night to watch the Minnesota Wild defeat the Colorado Avalanche in game 6 of the first round of the playoffs! Game 7 is tonight in Colorado.. Minnesota was up 2 - 0 with about 5 m

Guess who has tickets to Monday's Wild game?

That's right suckers.. me!! Now let's just hope there is a Monday's Wild game... otherwise I'm out a few bucks from ticketmasters service fees.. Meh.. it'll be worth it.. Anywho.. gotta go..

What's more annoying than incompetence?

I'm not sure who gave incompetence a hand to point with.. but when incompetence points at me because it can't handle the task... it's more than a little annoying...

Enough about that.. Let's go on to say w00t to the Ducks.. cause they just swept t

must have MORE HOCKEY!

The end is near in Oshkosh for ice hockey.. at least until August when the Y puts the ice back in... I'm sad! I'm going to have to find a summer league in appleton or fond du lac to play in.. cause I need some mad hockey action this summer.

In ot

The dog ate my homework..

I swear.. they eat everything else... why wouldn't you believe that they ate my homework? WTF am I rambling about? I'm not sure myself.. I'm sort of out of it today.. and I managed to open up the db to update my site.. so here is your update.


I know I know...

I never really told you the story about escaping from Florida.. It's a long story that I have put behind me.. I don't really feel like thinking about it anymore.. The short version is this: Work sent me there for 4 days to do setup and support of a lar

Today's update

Yeah.. like the witty title? I'm very creative today... I have so much shit to do right now it's insane.. that extension in Florida really fucked me over for this weekend. I had so much shit to prepare.. it's crazy...

To Atom: It's so not going

Escape from Florida, a survivor's tale part 1

First, I just have to say a big, "fuck you" to Randall. More on that later. I'm back, I'm alive, and I really don't like my time being wasted like it was. I also don't like being told with very short notice that my trip is being doubled in it's length,

Florida, here I come!

Going to FL on Monday.. won't be back until Thursday.. so you get no updates.. you'll just have to fucking deal with that.

note to Josh: Is it done yet? :P

Autocross is just a week from Sunday!

Well hell.. look who isn't connected anymore?

Where did my connection to the world go? My loaner cell phone finally got cut off.. now I have no ties to the outside world. I shall live my life in the world of Freelancer on the server Tydirium and the only contact I will have with others is across th


With any shred of skill or luck, I will have the stupid server fixed that I've been messing with now for weeks.. by the end of th day today. It's been a real pain in my ass! I'm fucking fried and that's sad since it's Tuesday and since I have a lot shit

Holy thump the neighborhood, batman!

It was an all day project yesterday but it's finally done. I have a new stereo, new door speakers and an amp.. and every single wire in the audio system has been replaced. Had to take apart the doors and the center console and make some custom mounting

I'm still alive..

I've been out of the office for a couple days with a nasty flu. I still feel fairly crappy but I gotta get some shit done!!! So here I am.

Do you know what today is?

It's stereo/speaker install day.. duh?

I'm really fucking sick today.. but I have a ton of shit to get ready for Florida.. so I gotta be here.

In other news.. this is so the quote of the month and it's from me.. so that's even more funny: "d

What's wrong with me?

I just can't seem to shake this sickness... yesterday I got a fever and a headache right out of the blue. At hockey it subsided, but right after, it picked up again. I ended up going to bed at like 10:30 or so... it took forever to fall asleep too! I w

Tuesday the C gets audio setup! Plus.. how much do you figit (sp?)

I found a new friend who is going to help me rewire all the speakers in the corrado next tuesday. w00t!

I noticed today that I figit A LOT when I'm doing random typing tasks on servers.. Like entering DNS entries.. where I'm typing quite a bit.. I

The dishes are done, man!

Okay, I did find a glass in my bedroom, so they aren't totally done.. but pretty damn near. Ben did 4 or so loads yesterday and now our pantry thingy is overflowing with dishes.. That's a good thing!

I played pretty good at hockey last night.. or

Dirty dishes beware!

That's right mothafugger's I now own a brand new dishwasher and I know how to use it... Even Ben knows how to use it.. so there are no excuses to have nasty dishes in the sink or on the counter at my place.. I have done 3 loads and Ben has done 2 and th

Hey look.. it's an update

I've been really really busy.. sorry about the lack of updates.. I built 6 pc's last week along with playing a lot of freelancer. Also had an indoor paintball party thing on Saturday.. Yesterday I purchased a dishwasher and a new stereo for my car. T

well hell???

One fucking day before the game and a guy messages me saying he has 4 lower level tickets for sale... It's a tad late buddy.. I posted in the forums two weeks ago for this game.. meh!!!

I'm a machine!!!

I had to put freelancer on hold last night cause I had a lot of work to do. I built two new pc's, loaded them up and updated the hell out of them.. and also fixed and reinstalled two other pc's. To top it off, I started watching buffy... from the beginn


Built some computers last night.. w00t! Also played some more freelancer, only an hour or so last night.. I'm searching for lvl 9 shields.. Some year, I'll find the damn things.. Until then, beware the wrath of my two lvl 9 guns and multiple level 8's!!

as always, gamespy can suck it!

They reviewed freelancer and gave it an 83%... meh... You know what? I'm happy that they did that cause maybe it'll keep some of the idiots from playing the game... Being the most "played" game doesn't always bring with it good tidings.. I know many p

Twilight Zone Episode 224 "Doppleganger Mexican Food"

Are you lost yet? It's a fairly short story.. but you really had to be there.. It starts out when Branden and I were in Brookfield to do my taxes last night. We were on our way home when we decided to get some food. Looked around for a few minutes and

Zone (continued)

Okay.. se we ordered and got our food moments later, just like Durango's. It was damn good.. Their salsa, although hotter than Durango's, was very pasty instead of nice and chunky, which obviously left us wanting some Durango's salsa.. :) We ate and we

I want new games!

Freelancer, IL2: Forgotten Battles, and Sea Dogs II... although, I don't know when sdII is coming out.. the others are going to be in my hot little hands in a week or so.


Oh.. today has been a day I looked forward to for a long time.. Ding Dong... w00t! I realize that that doesn't make any sense.. but it's my fucking site and I can babble if I want to..

Guess what?

In late august, I think the 24th, I'm going to be here:

That's right peeps.. Corrado Rush 2003.. In the windy city. VW get together and autocross... One of the largest ones

Still treading..

Did I spell treading right? meh.. That's right, Meh I say! Meh.. Apparently I say that quite a bit... as Atom pointed out today.. I'm treading water here at work... It's better than drowning, isn't it?

I was gonna.. but..

I was going to put up a new pic.. maybe one of my new cube.. but I left my camera at home.. so no dice on that.

Hey look over there, it's my life... oh wait that's just another thing on my fucking to-do list.. nevermind..

I hurt my should

Hi Dawnie!

Emailed my long lost cousin Dawn the other day and just heard back from her.. :) Okay, she wasn't lost.. but I haven't kept in touch with her for a long long time. Things have changed a lot... anywho.. just thought I say, "Hi.", again.. :)

I'm a

Yeah.. I'm real busy right now..

Sorry about the total lack of updates.. I've been very very very busy this week.. I'm not even sure where to start but since I'm still busy, I'm just going to state that fact and hope you understand.. If you don't, then I say, "piss up a rope!", cause y

Cubelife... in the beginning

I have officially started and almost completed my first business day entirely spent based in a cubible... My boss snuck up on my twice.. I'm so getting a rear view mirror.. It's probably relatively funny to see a dood in his cube jump to the ceiling when

So much to say, so little time

Josh came up to work on the newlarp book this weekend and as suspected, we spent more time playing games than working on the book.. doh! Whipped out some old school Diablo 1, Karl and I both got our new characters up to 19th level! Booyah! Josh quickly

Another tidbit

Forgot to mention the Saturday night visit from Oshkosh's finest and fearless.. Some jackhole who was visiting next door called the cops cause he thought he smelled natural gas.. So I looked out my window and saw a firetruck and cop car sitting outside

Sitting here in the office..

After hours... to do a quick email server reboot. Joshy and Branden are sitting here playing with my bag of tails. Josh has been dubbed 5 tail demon-tiger.... Anywho.. Just passing some time until Daredevil.

Sinuses be damned!

I've had a sinus infection for the last week or so and it's beginning to really piss me off. To answer your first question, No, I did not take anything for it and I don't plan to either. Piss off!

In other news... I am getting the corrado out of

It's the little things that make us happy...

I'm close to snapping today.. but certain little things bring a smile to may face and keep me from borrowing a certain friends' high caliber pistol.. For instance, I'm going to pick up my car tonight.. oh baby! It's been way too long.. I can't stand to

conversation cont..

SWAN: hiiii
Barren: who is this?
SWAN: my email
SWAN: who are you?
Barren: I'm adam.
SWAN: ok
SWAN: hi
Barren: and you are?
SWAN: swan
Barren: that's great, glad we cleared that up.

A little different than normal..

I don't normally quote things on my site... or post technology articles either but an interesting topic caught my eye today on asus's page. It said "Instant Music"... then "No need to boot your computer into the Windows before you can listen to the musi

One more note

Happy Birthday to Benji... he's old and stuff! 26 years... shit, just another foot in the grave.. soon you'll be retiring from the business.. :)

uh.. sorry bout that

Sorry about the lack of updates last week. I was in GB all week at a training class... although I was in GB for the class, I didn't stay in GB which meant I drove to and from each day, normally that wouldn't be a problem but I happened to have very bad l

Die dogs die!

Took Benji to the airport this morning.. .I have 6 days to figure out how to kill his pets in ways that look natural... I'm betting that they'll all survive, unfortunately... Had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to take him to the airport.. okay so it

I'm busy Aug. 30th... so stay away from that date

I joined the VW cult last year by purchasing my Corrado.. now I must join the cult for one of the largest gatherings. Treffen is one of the biggest VW gatherings in the midwest and it will be host to Corrado Rush 2003, hopefully the largest documented ga

So much to say.. so little time

Friday night.. went out to get snacks and soda.. wanted to visit a house party that I got invited to, to be polite.. have a drink, stay an hour.. ended up staying 4 hours and getting more drunk than I've ever been before.. EVAR! To be honest, I don't thi

Mouse Voodoo

It's all about the mouse voodoo... seriously.. I can't explain it other than voodoo involving a mouse... it works.. and I can go about my business... gotta fly..

I wonder if certain people are reading this?

I should start doing some detailed logs of my site to see just who is reading my page these days...I'd probably be surprised.

Ben and I finished watching season one of "The Shield" last night. Kick ass series! The comments I heard prior to it wer

meh.. fuck it!

I think certain people that I work with are just trying to suck the life out of our entire department... They are "excited" for the future but they don't hesitate one bit to reallly ask us how things are going or what are concerns are. They just go righ

You gotta point there, dood..

Somebody at the office just sent me this and I think whoever wrote it, has a very good point...

The mood of today hangs on a thread...

It could go well.. or it could hit the fan... only time will tell.

There is an LMP900 Audi R8 on ebay.. Oh man do I wish I was a multi-millionaire! Hey, the bid is only at 816k.. Someone want to sponsor me in the Le Mans circuit? My racing exper

um.. friday it is..

Is it 5 yet? I got a lot of cleaning to do...

Check this yo:

I gave hockey the fingers!

Hehe.. that's actually not very funny.. cause I messed up BOTH my pinkies last night at hockey. How wacked is that? First, I took a puck or a stick to the top of my right pinky.. somehow it missed the padded plate that protect my fingers and it hit me w

The list is OLD..

BTW.. if anybody ever looks at my dvd list.. please understand that it's very very very out of date... I think it's probably a year out of date.. maybe longer. Maybe I'll go through it and update it... Which means.. triple it or more.. :)

I'm so over it. :)

Okay.. from a religion standpoint.. I think people can all think whatever the heck they want.. I know that I am somewhere in the middle, where I think a lot of people really are but just don't admit it. Like all the teachers, especially ones of science..

Back off!

Just because you are frustrated with things... doesn't mean you need to kick problems my way. I have enough bullshit to take care of, I surely don't need any more... That's been my morning, so far.. Maybe it'll get better.

ugh.. Monday...

Green Bay to Oshkosh in 38 minutes... That's right.. Lombardi Ave and 41 to 41/45 in 38 minutes. Ben and I went to the Gamblers game last night.. Rinkside seats! I have a gallery up.. bu

Religiously challenged...

Some explain to me what the difference is between these two statements: "jesus is gods son" and "jesus is god". I'm not what you would call religious.. but I saw some things today that said both of those statements and I want to know how they don't contr


Nothing much to say.. but I figured I better chime in.. or face the wrath of less daily readers. Not that I care... :P

The freaking Wild lost to the blue jackets last night.. that's a little pathetic.. but meh! The first goal they scored was a ve

oh yeah...

I totally got up this morning and squeezed in 10 minutes of animal crossing! Booyah! Ben won't get all the fossils today! Also, I think that Nintendo hates me.. they won't send my character a letter and free NES! That sucks hardcore!

super secret access?

Guess who might get super secret access to stuff at the next Wild game that I attend? Oh yeah, it's me!! Thanks to Steve, who works on the ice crew! He offered to try to get me a pass so that I can possibly meet some players and get autographs!!! Stev

Thassa cawazy talken..

/me smacks jar jar in the face a few times! I've been beating my head against a brick wall now for over a week with this imaging problem... I finally bitched enough that I have two support people responding to me rapidly enough that I might have figured

What up?

I've been fairly busy the last few days.. sorry about the lack of updates.. You're just going to have to deal with it!

I purchased a new vacuum cleaner and managed to actually maintain some inspiration to clean a bit.. The kitchen still needs som

My next car???

Since I can't afford a BMW M3... I might have found the vehicle to replace my Corrado as my daily driver.. Check it: VW R32. It's um... very very sexy! The price tag


The hockey game kicked ass! I took a million pictures.. after spending quite a bit of time sorting, I have a gallery with just over 200 pics in it. Check it here.

going out of town...

Just to let you guys know.. I'm leaving for Eau Claire today.. and I'll be in Minnesota tomorrow.. so you will not likely get any updates here.. too damn bad!

The weekend was not bad.. except that I'm a damn lazy bastard and didn't go play hockey

It's getting cutthroat

Bordello is becoming quite cutthroat.. I got attacked 25 times last night after I went to sleep. I wacked them back today.. finished about par. They are both hoods below me though.. so I guess I finished on top to this point.. but it seems that all my a

My baby still loves me

I visited my Corrado last night.. it still loves me...and I surely still love it!

Forget about it

I think I had the flu this past weekend... possibly still do... I could just not seem to get up and get going without many many extra hours of sleep.. Headaches and being hot all the time didn't help the situation.. meh.. I don't feel too bad today..<

Can you take a joke?

I know that I can... I think certain people need to think before they blow things out of proportion... You know why? Because sometimes people get "talked to" an sometimes those people get irritated when things come around like that.. especially when it

yo what up fellow pimps?

Want to join the family? If you are a fellow player of bordello battles, and you want to be protec


"no ticket", says Indiana Jones.. but not to me baby! I got the tickets... speaking of both tickets for the Wild Hockey game and for Two Towers this evening... woot!

Andy vs. Windstar

My brother, Andy, was trying to cross Jackson Street on Friday night, the 13th, and he got hit by a Ford Windstar. His left leg was broken during the accident among other minor injuries, scrapes and bruises. They had to operate on his leg because both b

Other news

Um.. the new star trek movie is pretty good.. lots of ship combat, which is cool in the gang. What else.. I played hockey on Sunday, not once, but twice! Just under 4 hours of ice time... ugh! Oh, Bordello Battles news... First, I hope all the other

Index of my mind

I wish I could export my memories and catalog them somehow... so they were searchable.. I'm having a problem with the web server that I rebuilt the other day and it seems so familiar to me.. but I can't quite put my finger on it. After some head poundin

yep.. this is my headline

First of all.. BordelloBattles is awesome.. if you haven't started playing it... get to it. It's in the links.. and say Barren referred you! Melissa started playing after lunch today, she is so gonna kick my ass.. you know why? Cause she said, "drippin

Not too bad...

I'm working on rebuilding a web server.. and it's going well! For a change. :) Didn't get to switch cars. :( My little brother is being a whiny bitch still, so he gets nothing! A friend from work who plays hockey with me took some pics of me last nigh

um... w00t! for tickets, yo!

Okay.. yesterday after work.. was riddled with good things. First, I get to drive my brother's truck this winter instead of the old van I'm using now.. because my little brother is a whiny bitch. That's pretty kick ass. Second, I got tickets to go see

Meh... whatever

It has been pointed out by a few friends that I'm being a jackhole about some stuff for newlarp... but on the other hand, others have agreed with me.. Meh, with a capital Meh! How about I think about something else for awhile and just shelf the other th

I already told the bitch twice...

hehe.. I bought some a-shirts... aka. Wife Beaters... and I am beginning to like them. They are way thin compared to the t's I used to wear all the time. They are way less bulky when I tuck my shirts in.. and obviously they don't get bunched up in the s

Monday's update

Crappy title, eh? Well, it's Monday, what do you want? First, I'd like to tell Plinko to put some got damn returns in between his paragraphs.. jesus, you'd think somebody in the publishing industry would have his readers in mind when he does his "layout

So, about that party

Yeah, anyways, at the work party, I think most people thought our group was really really trashed and/or crazy... Most of the people were trashed, I am just crazy. I slammed 5 beers before dinner and then drank water, so for the most part, I was sober.

Get some balls, will ya?

It's really funny that certain people have the ability to point out any possible shortcomings of something to my face and then turn around behind my back and mention that they liked how I did things and want to know exactly what the steps were and how the

Okay.. check this

First, click on my featured photo. Okay, now click on this. I'm not saying they are for sure the same pads, BUT, they are custom made/modified to the exact specs of the TPS pads that Roloson wea


Guess I have to fix my stylesheet for links, eh? But I like them being yellow... damn...


Look out below there's a giant Jackhole on his way down.. I damn near went postal today. I usually welcome the occasional adrenaline rush but when you are at work at you get that mad at somebody, it's generally not good. It took about twenty minutes an

What's your worth?

It's very easy to convince yourself that you don't deserve more or that you aren't worth more than you get.... why is that? It just shows a good example of how easy it is for companies to manipulate your opinion of yourself. What a poor way to retain go

Guess what?

Guess who has a pair of Louisville TPS Bionic (Roloson) goalie pads? Pads that were used for 10 NHL games by Dwayne Roloson in Minnesota? Oh yeah, it's me baby, me! Thanks to a small group of family donors and loaners, I was able to fork over the big b

What's the deal with that?

I'm an 8 year old, eh? I think it's more childish to sit quiet in your chair while a dog, that has fleas and licks herself a lot, drinks from my drink while I am in the bathroom and then continue to sit back and let me drink from that same glass and then

Hip deep in server work...

The big move to active directory has been completed and the new exchange 2000 server is up and running smoothly.. guess what dropped into my lap now? Dead web server... not to mention the 2nd email server that I have to get loaded by early next week..

Elitest fucking snobs are funny...

That's right.. the headline stole the whole show.. Get off your fucking high horse.. cause you know what? I can see into your porcelain world and it doesn't look so good from where I'm standing... maybe the grass is greener on the inside, but I'll just

follow up

I think Ben said it best, Here is a box of tissues, now shut the fuck up... or something along those lines.. :)

So much to say

So much to do... okay enough of the smashmouth song.. I changed the colors of my site, duh.. If you don't like it, piss up a rope! I put a sketched version of my car in the title... cause I'm down with that sort of thing.

Work has been hectic.

Okay.. the bull has been grabbed by the horns

But that bitch just won't die! Things are finally started to become more like "normal" with help requests at work since the active directory and new email installation... but I swear if one more idiot tells me they lost a folder in their email and I clic

I got an idea

How about you drink this warm glass of shut the help up! Yeah um.. as expected.. it's been hell today.. I can't even spend some time on my machine to get it logged into the new domain properly.. let alone update my site.. so deal..

In other news..

How did you expect it to go?

Well, the email server move has been going pretty smooth so far.. I did run into one hitch, which might suck.. but I won't know till tomorrow or Monday.. but other than that, things went smooth.. I swapped the Internet connection from one server to the ne


Gotta make a couple of shoutouts today... First to Spike. Thanks for all your help and guidance on the exchange server installation.. I owe ya! Second to Gregg for this simple shortcut: Window Key + D = Minimize all, like the "show desktop" button..

Wow! Did that guy piss me off

In a recent string of people pissing me off.. the hockey rink being closed last night was a very minor one. Today, some jackhole emailed the help desk making demands about how he will be helped or else. Another department member saw it before the helpd

I should write a book..

Man are these things getting funny... I'm referring to the "demands" comment from earlier.. I should write a book about today's office life from a technical support point of view... Are there any books out there that I can read and laugh because they ar

Guess what?

I'm listening to pearl jam mp3's from the newest album.. I ripped them from the cd.. MY cd.. not Ben's. I'm on the high road now too.. so suck it. I said I might buy it.. and I did. Are there

Chef Dildo

Wouldn't you think a chef would know how to use a toaster? I mean, with 2 years of schooling, wouldn't you think they were prep'd in case the need arose that they would have to toast something, that they could? One would think that would be true, but ap

Welcome to hell

I'm in active directory and exchange 2000 hell right now.. I have just spent quite a while going through a user export from our old nt4 domain and cleaned up the file for manual entry into the active directory.. I chose a manual entry compared to the imp

Is the A/C on?

I'm feeling a lot better about things... I got my secure key backed up from one server and now it's on the new server.. Let's hope it actually works.. and let's hope that the rest of things keep working as they are now.

Have you ever noticed how yo

Yo, what up?

Well.. Satuday I did my very first 'spin' in an airplane and it was awesome!! A spin is in most cases, a bad thing, but in training, one must learn to recognize the situations and be able to calmy fix them. Anyways, it was awesome.. the plane rolls over

Oh yeah.. Band of Brothers!

If you haven't seen Band of Brothers, you need to. It came out on DVD as a set of all 10 episodes. I'm gonna pick my copy up tonight. It's a damn good mini-series!

in other news... I have both my oakleys and my contacts.. I think I am going to h

woot to the mo'fuggin boot!

not sure what that means entirely.. but basically it means that I figured some shit out that was really causing me some anquish...

4 goalies? wierd...

For the first time at the new Y, there were 4 goalies for open hockey.. There was also a guy who plays both.. so we could have had 5 pretty easily.. damn! Soon we'll have enough goalies for the sunday league.. Now we just need enough skaters. :P

um... got caffeine?

fucking hell.. I need some coffee or something.. I'm out of it today.. The coffee machine in the main break area sucks though.. it has that wanna-be flavored stuff which is all I like in the realm of coffee but it's not so good.. guess I"m gonna have to

Can you say, "complex?"

That is the best word I think I can use to describe the process of installing a new corporate email server while impacting the users as little as possible.. Times like these are when I wish I was just installing completely NEW systems and not having to w

I survived the busy weekend

More importantly, I survived a half hour near the sink doing dishes.. there is about an hour more that need to be done still.. but it's a little less disgusting..

Um.. my flight lesson went well.. I like steep turns! They are the "no nonsense" way

Luna isn't a freak..

Okay, she is.. but I have figured out what she has been staring at in the kitchen all the time.. I have started the cleaning process of my disgusting house and I might even tackle the dishes tonight.. so help me god.. Anywho.. This morning she was look

little bastard (continued)

So the little bastard ran behind the stove and Luna and max tried to catch him.. but it wasn't happening. Guess what I'm buying after work today? Oh yeah.. you know it.. mizouse trapz0rs!! He's gonna die a horrible death, pinned down to a wooden platfo

Sick the weasels on the little bastard

Ben thinks I should... perhaps I will..

Um yeah.. I'm gonna be busy this weekend

Just to name some random things.. I want to clean up my house a bit, put my jet skis in storage along with some other crap from my house, maybe stop by Atom's gig at Brooklyn, and a million other things.. Let's make a little time table.. shall we?

How much freaking sleep do I need?

I went to bed, right on time last night and I fell asleep rather quickly.. so tell me why I'm so damn tired today? I feel as though I only got a few hours of sleep when in reality, I got over 7 hours of sleep last night. Meh.. I guess I need a couple 12

Holy change Batman!

Some major changes have been announced for our department and it's gonna take some time for it to really settle in with some of the people... The changes don't really affect me all that much but they really threw the group for a loop.. :) heh.. nice rhy

mmm Oakley's!!!

Okay, I went to my eye appointment to get examined and pick out some new glasses of the regular and sun varieties and to order some contacts for hockey and paintball. Right after I entered the store, the Oakley case grabbed me and forced me to look upon

Can't wait the week..

I'm excited now.. for my new glasses.. and I don't want to wait the week that it's gonna take to get them.. Check them out:

What to say?

Let's see.. where to begin? Went flying Saturday morning.. Did I mention that I wanted to get different shoes to fly with since it's very tight in the cub for my feet? The rudder pedals are on the sides of the front seat position and my size 13's don't


After dinner, I acquired a bunch of stuff from my brother to take home.. including a racing wheel for my computer.. It's awesome.. I spent a bunch of time playing lemans 24 hour and colin mcrae 2.0 this weekend.

Sunday marked yet another excursion.

For fucks sake!

How much work could I possibly have created for myself? Just by looking at one thing and identifying it as a possible problem.. I have created weeks of work that I have to take care of now... As if I wasn't busy enough.. bloody hell!

They say that you see the ring, before you die.

Those crazies... Anywho, I saw the movie, "the ring", last night. I wasn't in need of a fresh diaper by any means.. and I didn't require the comforting grasp of another to fall asleep last night. The movie had it's freaky parts.. but they were just sho

Step aside ladies

Sherlock mo'fuckin' Holmes is in the hizouse! That's right peeps.. I'm being sherlock for a little bit today.. I stumbled on a clue and I'm following the bread crumbs.

um.. yeah. So anyways

Okay, I went for my first flight lesson on Saturday and it rocked!! I'm gonna have to find some smaller shoes to wear though cause the cub is pretty tight around the rudder pedals with someone sitting in front of me, especially with my size 13's. I flew

Hobbies rising..

So I went to hockey last night... and a guy came into the lockerroom that I had spoken to about a month or so ago regarding the fact that I need a new chest and arm protector. He mentioned that he had one that he only used for one season and that it woul

fvbn heats up

For the first time in a very long time, I am actively interested in the goings on, at fvbn. Not to be a bitch or anything, I like the game, it's just that most of the time I'm not interested in what is going on, apart from at the events. But lately, I'v


You know that flight training thing I mentioned? Well, it's finally happening... Saturday early afternoon I will take to the skies in a Piper J-3 cub for my first real instruction!!!! Am I pumped? You bet!

I know a thing or two about a thing or two...

That line is from a movie that I watched last night and I found it to be quite amusing.. Branden and I both decided that we were going to use that line in the future... so here is the first use of it. :)

I feel like a zombie today.. perhaps I sho

ugh x 2

What can I do to get the energy to clean my house? I haven't even hooked my computer back up yet.. besides hooking it to the tv to watch a movie I "acquired" at the lan party.. which btw I must say, the Asus geforce 4 has a pretty nice tv/out.


The weekend is over.. Did it even begin? It went too fast.. TBCS ran fairly smooth this weekend.. had a couple server issues, but Moondog saved the day.. Played a bunch of rally games too.. makes me want to get a wheel for my machine. Speaking of tha

Is it true?

Am I really a difficult person to work with? I know that I'm sometimes easily aggravated or annoyed but meh..

Too much fun

Man, if you missed the last fvbn, you missed out.. cause it was a hoot.. It might have been my favorite.. the jury is still out. It was pretty damn interesting.. and it's getting more interesting through the forums. It's still a screw your friends over

Monday's title

Better than "ugh" or something along those lines, isn't it? Not too much is going on this morning.. my email server made it through the weekend.. so it should be alright till I replace it next month... Other than that.. I just want to fly and play some

Can you say Ryan Nicholas?

That's right.. Baby Ryan's middle name has been chosen and it's not Vlad or Bilbo... or any of the other options that were vocalized during the decision making process.. Also, Ryan gets to leave the hospital very soon.. he's off oxygen and is doing fine

Um yeah.. the weekend can't come fast enough...

My email server just blue screened.. how's that for a friday morning wakeup call?

More baby info.. and "the poll"

Okay.. I got some actual specs on BR.. no, he's not a car or a paintball gun, hehe.. 10 lbs 12 oz. and 22 inches long.

"The Poll": 14-1 more results pending. :)

Can virus protection work too well???

If you ask my users that question today they will respond with a firm YES. That's because we loaded the latest version of groupshield on our email server last night and it has some new features that are really cool.. if it detects a set number of viruses

Baby Ryan

I visited Baby Ryan and Rick and Lora at Theda last night.. They all seem to be doing well.. BR is on oxygen but they are weening him to normal air levels as time goes on.. On a sidenote, he's friggin huge! It looked as though he was already too big fo

Why must they lie to me?

Asus tech support lied to me on multiple occasions in regards to ECC DDR support on their motherboards. They said it wouldn't work.. but it worked fine.. Perhaps it's not using the ECC effectively as ECC, but the system functions.. That's all I wanted.


Rick and Lora have a new baby boy! Ryan is his name... He has some excess liquid in his lungs, so he's going to be spending some time in intesive care, about a week says Rick. Rick sent me a quick message when he was home to take a shower, he didn't me

Did I mention?

That I was looking at purchasing an old van? I'm going to drive it this winter and give my baby a rest, I'm also going to use it to pull my jet ski and boat in the future.. good idea, no? For the amount of cash, I think it'll be fine.. as long as I don'

OH yeah...

Tonight is Adam's builds/moves a bunch of PC's night... I have to have 3 systems working tonight... One is just wacked, the other needs to be moved, and the last needs to be built. Like I have anything better to do on Tuesday nights...

Blisters? What blisters?

The way I ran around all friggin' weekend you wouldn't have known I have some major blisters on my feet. Newlarp on Saturday was pretty intense. We actually succeeded with the quest to return the King to the throne. We have our first "player" that is r

Damnit.. I'm hurtin'

Or just whining, as the case may be... My fucking blisters from hockey are just killing me.. I'm like a fucking gimp walking through the office today. Last week a guy cut the tip of his finger off on some heavy machinery.. is he complaining or bitching l

oh damn...I'm in tears here

Atom told someone to "shut their cry hole" and I damn near wet myself.. :)

mmmm asus

I received the 2 asus v8440's that I ordered... mmm geforce 4 ti4400 128mb... mmmmmmmm Gonna have to run one of those 3d benchmarks now that I have a new video cards.. I wonder if it actually gives decent specs from my dual athlon mp system... It didn't

Son of a..

Um yeah.. switching from goalie to forward is strangely more difficult than one would think.. There were less than 6 guys at hockey last night, so I decided to skate instead of playing goal.. I made the mistake of puting on my old regular skates.. You se

I need another hobby...

Like another hole in the head... Holy crap... I drove to Milwaukee last night to drop off some stuff for Mike and Ron.. ended up meeting Mike at the r/c race track to give him the stuff.. Shortly after eating a burrito, not quite the size of my head, I

Can you say cheese?

I took approximately 900 pictures in the last two days at Road America... After sorting out the bad ones or duplicates, I have just under 600 images.. What can I say... I was working on getting blurs and that causes a lot of images to not be sharp.. so

What up?

Hockey severely kicked my ass last night... I have a swollen collar bone and a nice blood blister looking thing there too. My shirt rubbing on my collar bone hurts like hell! Anywho.. that's what I get for not buying a new chest protector.. I tried out


I got my archos jukebox back today from them.. They actually sent it ups 2day.. without charging me.. That's cool, although I wish they had emailed me and told me so that I didn't make other arrangements for this weekend.. I was scamming flash cards toda


That's all I have to say right now...

No headline

I think I got heat exhaustion yesterday or something similar. After autocrossing, I ran a few errands and then got some KFC. It was the first thing I had eaten all day after being out in the sun all day and only drinking a gatorade. Shortly after I beg

Yeah, that's right bitch!!

I feel pretty good today.. I have a handle on the 8 million tasks I have to do in the near future and that feels good. Your tasks always seem so big until you actually put them on the schedule.. then they are just small steps that guide you through the e

oh yeah...

I picked up a copy of battlefield 1942 last night.. w00t! I only played it for about 20 minutes, just to see some of the other maps.. Thank the lord... wake island will break me if I play it any more! I also purchased some new hockey gear last night..

Who wants to die?

We just went through this IT assessment thing and security audit... oh goody.. anywho.. So my list of things to do got considerably larger. Today, I found out that one of the users loaded a remote control application on her machine that somehow allowed

How come I'm so damn forgetful?

I keep thinking of different things to post about but by the time I get around to posting, I have completely forgotten what it was regarding.. I guess I'll just give you some tidbits of info regarding what's up with me.

Battlefield 1942 comes

Okay.. who wants to laugh?

I have a couple tidbits for you today.. First, if you missed my last post yesterday, go back and read it.. The first link today is a picture that Branden made to go along with that link.. it's more of a summary but it still makes me fall to the ground wi


I meant what I said, damnit! Are you still here? Fine, take this: "I'm a magic unicorn, rainbow hair and glowing horn, we'll have so much fun today, when you come with me and play!"

Dear god is this funny

If you want to be brought to tears of laughter, go here. Reading the

So much to talk about.. so little time

First, I'd like to ask if anyone can tell me what happened to cause a service department to turn into a red tape department? I understand that if services are provided with great ease, that it becomes second nature to ask for more without considering wha

enough ranting, let's talk about fun stuff

Okay, how was my weekend? Exhausting! Newlarp was Friday through Saturday and Sunday was recovery day.. I am still very sore. Did a lot of walking and a lot of sword fighting this weekend. We have successfully snuck into the capitol of the Empire and

Today's info...

The Greek government can eat my ass!
They passed a law that bans video games.. entirely.. even from your cell phone for christs' sake! Check it: stupid greek law


more info...

So yeah.. apparently Greek officials are retarded... I can tell you straight up that there is a two letter difference from GAMING to GAMBLING.. so there you have it.. and seeing a character running up a beachhead with a mauser is nothing like dropping co

How about another week off???

Oh.. I wish! Let's just say that a week and a half away from work was not even close to enough... I've jumped right back in.. hit the ground running... blah.. Is it Friday? It seems that you can ignore your work items while on vacation but as soon as

I need a programmer right about now..

All the VB and Access programmers out there should jump at the opportunity to write an app for me!... right? Anywho.. I'm just about done with all the excel sheets that I have to deal with for Newlarp and I think it's time that I get some real brains wor

why was I posting again?

Damnit.. all the jumping around just to connect to the server to post a message has made me forget what I had to say.. Oh wait.. I remember now...

What is it about doing mechanical work and playing a physical sport that makes one feel "manly"? Be

ah.. vacation..

Staying up all night.. sleeping all day.. damn.. that's nice.

TBCS went well, this past weekend.. played 1942 till my eyes fell out.. and after puting them back in.. my backlight in my mp3 player died... so I have to send it back to archos for rep

Vacation starts now..

I'm about to walk out the door for some much needed vacation time.. going to milwaukee tomorrow.. and then friday is tbcs setup.. then tbcs all weekend.. then it's time to relax...

Archos rules!

I got my Archos Jukebox Multimedia yesterday.. It's the 20gb usb hard drive/mp3 player/flash and smart reader/mpg-4 movie player/mp3 recorder/tv-out/photo browser/did I mention 20gb hard drive? and portable? Oh yeah.. it's the bomb! You want a link don'

Yo peeps..

This weekend was SO busy.. I wanted to update my site with news and crap.. but I was too busy and too lazy to do it. Saturday, best jet skiing ever! Sunday, newlarp... Plus I mixed in a bunch of other stuff that filled the rest of the time. I got my p

The cult proves it's existence once again...

Let's say you're driving down the road a few blocks from home and you see a car of a particular make and model that matches your own. In most instances, you'd just pay no attention and continue about your way but Volkwagen's are in a completely different

My name is Simon and I like to do drawerings..

Okay.. My name isn't Simon.. but I've been doing so many visio diagrams lately that I think I need a new set of crayons over here... The assessment thing is just about done.. We have a follow-up meeting this afternoon... and then on Monday the Security g

What's up with you?

I got nothing.. If my ankle stops bothering me, I'll go play hockey tonight.. but that's about it. I have to update the newlarp characters in the next day or so... And Atom is coming over on Thursday to make the TBCS17 video.. w00t to that! Speaking o

Holy Book and a half, Batman...

I received my Corrado Repair manual from amazon.com yesterday.. and to say the least, it's HUGE! The book is very intimidating to the non-gearhead that I am, but I'll do my best to not be afraid to look at it. I think a somewhat easy fix for my car will

TMBG... I know I know.. but 20 years is 20 years.

I know that I started an informal boycott of TMBG since they started to not only spam me regularly but they decided they were going to rape their fans for their online newsletter access... and I mean rape.. Unless they gave me a cd a month, it wasn't wor

fuck it...

8 million things to do.. and no time to concentrate on any of them. Some things are just going to have to wait!

In other news.. I put a link to Ron's site over there on the left. Why I didn't add Pete at the same time is beyond me.. doi!

400,000 miles in one day!

How you ask? I'll tell you how.. in just a minute. First, let's start with some background info. I purchased my Corrado a couple months ago now with 92,950 miles on it. Since that time I have put just under 3,000 miles on it to bring it to a total of

How's it goin?

um.... yeah... I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday... and while you are at it, why don't you come in on Sunday as well.

Oh Office Space, you are such a funny movie.. I had my assessment meeting a little while ago.. it went okay.. I really

Take a double take...

I went and saw "signs" last night after our suckball game, and I just have to say that signs was damn good. Do you remember that six sense movie? Yeah, well this one was also written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan.

Now to explain t

And the walls come crumbling down....

Someone's leaving the area and it totally sucks.. meh... she wasn't interested anyways, I think... or it seemed that way to me.. Anywho.. there are more fish in the sea. But not many are as inviting as this one was.

The world is a different place today

Branden's back in town for good, Ben has a "real" job with a real title... and there are cats and dogs living together.

So I went to another fox valley sports car club meeting last night. At least people showed up to

Look who's here

For those who were wondering where in the world is Branden... the answer is Oshkosh, WI. He left a note on my door last night in typical fashion, "yo yo yo mu' fuggers...". So anywho.. Ryan's little bran muffin' is back in town.

Who's that in the fancy new costume?

It's Ben and me... We went to the Bristol Ren Faire yesterday and spent plenty of $$. Ben bought a cool leather vest that was pricey as all fuck.. but like I said, it's coolio.. He also got some other costuming goodies, shirt and pants.. I bought a ni


I must apologize to all my friends for ever bitching about foreign cars.. I used to be such a bitch regarding the ownership of foreign cars... I'm a firm hater of unions, so your options in the US are limited to Saturns... and who knows if they are stil

Jet ski city

Three days in a row, I have managed to go jet skiing without any incidients, what so ever. w00t! Going to the Ren Faire tomorrow... later kids.

Is it over yet?

Okay, the fly-in is finally over and most the cleanup is even done.. We only lost a ups and a switch.. that's not so bad considering how much equipment we rent. We think we might know where it is, so there is still a chance that we didn't lose it. Anyw

Just a few more days... meh...

I can't wait to enter "cleanup mode"... let me tell you.. that will be a barrel of fun.. not quite a barrel of monkey's fun, but a different sort of fun that isn't actually fun in any way.. the hard work sort of non-fun is what I'm talking about here. A

Hell on wings...

Had a crisis last night that lasted from 10-12pm at camper.. that was a hoot.. but it's all fixed.

Does anyone here care about airplanes or that thing in Oshkosh? If so, I have a treat for you.. it's EAA RADIO on the web. Spent a few hours messin

I'm in hell... no really, I am...

So it's full on convention suckiness.. stress, anger, idiocy, stupidity, and down right dumb.

To Lisa, "chomp!"

Well.. back to the grindstone..

It's here, Yo!

Convention officially starts on Tuesday but all the yahoo's are already roaming the grounds pretty much causing all the setup people to work a lot slower... It would be pretty hard to not allow people to arrive early though since there are a trillion and


Felt like total crap last night... took a shower and went to bed at 9:15... Woke up at 3am feeling MUCH better.. obviously, I went back to bed... Where is my bentley manual? I totally ordered it two days ago and it's not here yet.. oh yeah. .it won't

Yo, what's up?

Still working a ton... haven't had time to do much of anything else. I had something to say but after taking the time to load sql on this machine and setting up the connection with the server, I have forgotten what I wanted to say.

In other news,

Busy busy busy...

But I loves ya, so here is your update on what's happening in my zone. Worked all weekend... 8-4 on Saturday and 8-2 on Sunday. Saturday night I enjoyed some neverwinter nights action at Rick and Lora's. Little sleep was had... Sunday after work I enj

Stupid servers...

I'm in server hell at the moment.. I have a trillion (18) compaq servers that were rented for convention. A couple of them keep getting memory parity errors, so I've decided to use one of the spares in place of the main one causing me problems. If the

Posts will be few and far between for awhile...

With convention prep in full effect, it is going to be rare that I'll have time to post often. I'll try to get you up to date with any pressing news and things like that.. but for the most part, I'm busy as hell and I don't have time to talk.

Quotes remembered...

Back a while I had two quotes that I wanted to say on my site.. I think I only mentioned the one regarding suspension.. or did I forget that one too? Anywho... I'll repeat them both.

"I want my suspension so tight so that I can feel the paint(s

Who's the dumbass now?

Me I guess... Moda is a subsidiary of BBS... so my wheels are technicially BBS, but for all practical purposes, they are Moda's. A guy from the corrardo club gave me the info and so nicely called me a dumbass for not knowing that info... Kind of a dick

Ever wanted to fly past your house in a flight sim?

MS has done a special free add-on to Flight simulator 2002 for Airventure 2002 to celebrate EAA's 50th convention. As soon as I get my hands on a copy of fs2002, I'll check it out but until then, check the screenshots or download it: HERE.
And per request.. the spoiler is UP!!!

mmm Corrado....

I have the car... it rocks, 'nough said.

I basically drove around most the weekend. I did stop in for a few hours of gaming at Burr's house. Much fun was had, playing Mech4 coop and Age of Wonders II.

Yo! Check dis:

PICS MOVED TO CORRADO GALLERY: HERE. This is just the first installment of pics of the new car... I plan on arranging a small shoot later today that I think you'll enjoy... I probably won

Leaving to get the car... woot!!!

Stupid bank was "messing" with me today.. but I took care of that... also the insurance guy teased me.. but I got that taken care of too... I have insurance.. and soon I will have the car.

Is it 3pm yet???

That's when I'm leaving to get my new car. Joshy is going to drive the 'turn back to Oshberg so I can enjoy the drive in the C. In case you're a dolt, 'turn = Saturn and C = Corrado. Is there a way that I can just zone and do my work and un-zone at 3p

Meh... It's almost time

Time for what you ask? Time for many things.. Next week we will start working outside on antenna's and rental computers... ugh.. BUT, tomorrow is the day... the day that I get my new car, woot! So it's almost time... :)

Josh invited me to Chris

24 hour countdown begins... now.

This time tomorrow... I will be leaving to go up to Green Bay to buy "the corrado"... okay.. 24 hours + 1/2 hour... but the clock is still counting down damnit!!

Losing it...

I just about lost it, a few minutes ago.. just thought I'd share that. I have decided that I should get a new site.. to cut back on my readers... I have no idea how many people from work are reading my site.. but it makes it hard to bitch and complain ab

Mutual Dislike!

Okay... computers have decided to NOT like me lately and I think the feeling is mutual. Actually.. I finally have my machine running at home again.. I gave up on the image the main HD idea and just reloaded that bitch. So I'm up and running at home agai

Um.. did I mention, W00T?

Got W00T? Well.. I will as soon as my plates come in.. for my .... it's a new car!!! Actually it's and old car.. but it's new to me... the VW Corrado will be mine.. on Friday baby!! And my plates will be W00T, once Joe Prisoner gets off his bitch and m

too busy to talk

I have so much going on right now... it's crazy. I signed the papers at the bank.. so I'll have the money on Friday for the car.. w00t! I am trying to catch up with Branden on all the personality tests.. I'll post them as I complete them..
Work is su


Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

w00t!!!!!! w00t!!!!

Okay, I have successfully jumped through the hoops.. Bank threw me a curveball and I jacked it out of the park! Appraisal is in.. more than enough equity for me to get the car.... laws requiring a 3 day waiting period though on equity loans.. so I have

The wheeling and dealing is IN MOTION

I made my offer, the salesman countered.. I agreed with terms. He hasn't agreed to the terms as of yet. He's having his mechanic look into fixing the biggest issue that was found on it. Something, my friend Gregg believes to be the motor mounts, is cau

2nd green light is lit

What? Is this a race or something? Actually, it's not.. it's a hard decision to make when you are thinking seriously about buying a 12 year old car for daily driving. I guess when you're 16, it's not much of a decision.. but I'm 25 and I'm thinking abo


Oh yeah.. the reverse gear synchro is wacked.. sometimes when you back up.. it's hard to get it out of reverse.. you have to let the clutch out a bit and then pop her out of reverse.. Nothing major.. But nonetheless, something that lowers the value of i

Have I said?

Spoilier's up! That's like the Corrado's "saying".. at least with the C club of america... cause of the automatic spoiler that raises on the Corrado... It's really cool to see it going up and then retract.. damn I am anxious to get that car... W00t!!


I just got word from the bank that the appraisal on my house is too old to use for this equity write up. The reasoning behind that is wacked... since they used it last summer.. I guess 2 years it okay but 3 is out of the question. So now I can either pa

Roll with the punches they say..

So that's what I'm doing... The bank asks for a current appraisal.. so I'll give them one.. I gotta go clean my nasty mess of a house though.. shit.. forgot about my porch.. Mo-fuggers! I'm gonna be working all night. Shouldn't be a big deal though.. H

Got the green light for the Corrado...

Now I just have to make the low-ball offer and see if they take it. Retail blue book is $5800 for this car. Their sticker is $7995, the salesman said they'd take 7k. I'm gonna offer 6k in cash and see if he takes it. If he doesn't... all I will go up

New Insurances rates... Better, but still not reasonable..

So I finally heard back from my insurance agent guy. He did indeed find me a new rate that is 400/year cheaper than what I'm paying now.. but when I had him add the VW... the insurance went up to 300 more than what I pay now.. Ouch I say.. but then agai

Car review... plus a sneak peak into my possible driving future

Last Saturday, I went to Milwaukee with 2 goals. To test drive a MINI Cooper and to test drive some VW's. First, I'll show you the cooper I drove:

There it is in all it's glory. It's a damn nice car! Probably

okay, what's in store for me

I test drove a few cars yesterday.. a '91 audi coupe, a '90 audi coupe, and a 90 vw corrado. I really, really liked the vw and I am going to pursue the possible purchase of this vehicle. I have to check with the insurance people and then the bank... I'

With all the cries for fair play and equal rights.. .

What's the fucking deal with auto insurance??? Because I'm a male under 30 and single, I pay more for insurance than a female in the exact position? Fuck that! If that isn't prejudice.. what is? And don't give me that statistical bullshit.. cause I co

Did I say this weekend was going to be busy?

Friday - Went boating... it was cold but we still had a good time. Saturday was filled with test drives of german automotives including the 2002 mini cooper and a bunch of VW's. Sunday was autocross day for the saturn. I won H-stock but got bumped up t

Birthday is over... I don't feel any different

Okay.. so I'm 25 + a day now and I don't feel any different than I did last week.. I guess that is good thing. Anywho.. My sisters' gift to me is still in the mail.. is this a good time to tell her that I haven't purchased said gift for her yet? Her b-d

Go Adam, It's your birthday..

Yeah.. like the title says.. It's my birthday, yo. :P Anywho.. I have a busy weekend planned.. Going to Milwaukee on Saturday to test drive some autos.. including a mini-cooper s if there are any in stock at the dealership. Also going to test drive so

Excuse me sir, where do I get my insurance reduction?

I called my insurance agent yesterday to inform him that I want to have my insurance reviewed and policy updated to reflect a reduced rate since I turned 25.. anywho.. the bastard told me that it would be reviewed in September or whenever the policy was d

How smart was that?

I think that would be a good title for a clips show with dumb people.. I had a bad case of stupidity yesterday when I stomped on my phone and broke the display. Did I even think about all the phone numbers that I had stored in there that I didn't have a

How to

I would like to know how I can encode subliminal messages into my asp pages. :) For instance.. if I knew how to do that I would first suggest to my bro, known to some as Spike, that he should write up that asp submittal page for my site so I don't have t

Must have more weekend....

Newlarp was a good time, Omar's party was a good time, eating at The Treasury in Ripon was a good time, and so was watching the 2 hour columbo episode.. :P All in all, a busy weekend filled with fun stuff. I managed to not hurt myself at newlarp and eve

I think not... time to die!

Famous last words spoken to my cell phone. After multiple months of nursing my cell phone along.. It finally breached my threshold of tolerance. After noticing that my phone was powering itself off and/or just making the display go away... for months, i

Episode II rocks it hardcore!

I said I'd be at work on time today... I failed.. not only was I not there by 8, but I didn't get there till 11:45. Doh! Episode II rocked! I'm sure that 90% of the people will concentrate on Yoda being teh man. Now I'm not disputing that in the sligh

Complete suckage!

okay.. so far today has pretty much sucked!!! One damn thing after another today and it's driving me crazy.. The latest and by far worst thing to happen today is that we have been booted out of the masonic temple... FVbN is pretty much screwed until we

List is getting shorter!

I think I'm going to get the chair from that list.. and the cd burner... I gotta pay Mikey the cash I owe him too... Anywho, I have tons of work to do, bye.. thanks for stopping by!

I got you, you pesky little bastard!

I finally determined the cause of some of my wireless problems... stupid lightning arrester.. Anywho.. back in business...

FVBN went fairly well this weekend. Both my characters seem to be going down dark paths that will probably end up finishing

Bad night for softball

Man did I suck last night at the softball game.. I couldn't field anything... okay I fielded a few and did okay.. but I missed some pretty basic shots that I should have had easily and it cost the team.. Now on the other hand, I batted better than I hav

Things I want...

Here is a list in no particular order of things that I want right now...
mini cooper -s, a mere $26k with all the options
geforce4, only $300
40x asus burner, only $100
girlfriend.. working on that.. biteme!
new chair to match my

Dod 2.1! w00t!

That's right.. it's out and they fixed all the things that needed to be fixed... w00t! It's available in my files section on the right... spidergoat is already updated.. enjoy!

There are many reasons

Why haven't I posted a lot? Well.. I can give you numerous reasons.. but the main ones are because I've been super busy at work lately.. and then super lazy at home... When I get home, I just feel like doing nothing.. so that's what I accomplish. Altho

It's May on the calendar.. but Mr. weather doesn't agree

Last time I checked it was May... and I just checked again.. and sure enough, it's still May, it's not October or something along those lines.. But you sure in hell couldn't tell by the weather. Cold, windy, and rainy. Normally, I wouldn't care that m

What's the point of schedules?

As soon as you make one.. the first thing you do is realize how impossible it is to stay on track with it and you being pushing things back.

Who is the man?

It's me baby.. me! That's right.. I won 1st place in division H-stock at the autocross today... w00t! to that.. I beat out the VW Scirocco and a stock Civic for the win.. and I did it by almost 3.5 seconds.. Again... w00t!

Anywho.. I had a good

ElderSuck III!

I played morrowind for a half hour last night and I think it sucks... It's everything I hate about 1st person rpg's. I don't know.. I'm just used to 3rd person when it comes to things like this.. I know it has a 3rd person mode.. but you can't really fig

This may sound childish...

It's pretty sad that I don't even want to express myself on this page anymore.. It's a weblog.. like a diary... but in an exposed, public sort of way.. kinda wierd.. It's come to my attention that I have a lot of readers... some of which, I wish didn't

no title

Work is sickly busy atm... I'm actually planning out my major tasks for the entire month.. ugh.. New servers.. new active directory but most of all a new email server. That's a spicy meatball! err.. I mean it's a lot of work to get that going.


Um yeah...

So I'm going over the process to move to a win2k active directory for my main "domain" at work and it's beginning to look like a HUGE scale project. One of the ways to do it, seems like the easy way but after investigating it further, seems to be a very

Speedracer beware?

Okay.. a friend from work has successfully talked me into racing in an autocross with the Saturn on Sunday.. An autocross is a coned off course where you do time racing against other people with vehicles in the same class as you. So in my case.. it's go

Yeah yeah.. updates..

Shit! I just typed an update and then accidentally deleted the field... doh.. I'm too lazy to retype it..

TBCS was good.. kind of layed back.. I didn't play that many games.. actually played a fair bit of cs1.4.. They could have fixed the headsh

I want the matching chair damnit!

I'm picking up my new couch today from the store in which I purchased it.. It's brown and soft and did I mention that it's soft? I looked at leather couches and damn did I want one... but this couch is so soft.... and the matching chair and ottoman... h

New couch in the hizouse!

So I got my new couch... I'm very happy with it so far.. it's just as comfy as it was in the store and it looks just as good. It's dark.. which hopefully means it will stay looking good for a long time.. *laugh* Not in my house.. If it looks like it's

Yeah yeah.. I'm busy

Haven't posted in a few days.. bite me.. I've been trying to get back into my lazy ways. :) Actually.. I've been trying to clean up the house a bit.. but I always end up doing one small thing to help and then I just decide to do something else. Still h

Ninja's are totally sweet!

If you haven't seen this page: realultimatepower.net then you are missing out.. It's stupid silly... and I mean that.. It's pretty dumb.. but it really makes you laugh hard..

New pic

yep.. I suck at golf!

I went golfing yesterday with Ben and his buddy, Noah. We went to Chaska in Appleton and if there was any doubt that I'm bad at golf.. it was confirmed.

In other news.. Newlarp is this weekend... books aren't done printing yet... doh! And I think


29 hours on the road later.. and I'm home.... One night in Montgomery, AL. and one in Lafeyette, IN. and I'm home sweet home..

Went couch shopping tonight.. I might actually get a leather couch... I've always wanted one..

Almost over....

The pain is almost over... and the trip home is about to begin... well.. either Sunday or Monday it will.. Tonight we eat at Emeril's... w00t! There goes a crapload of cash! :)

There was a little party for staff last night.. and it was pretty lam

Did I mention that I bleached my hair?

I don't remember if I told my faithful readers.. well.. if I didn't.. now I did. I have yellowish/gold/blond hair.. and I like it.. so biteme! :)

Byte me!

Let me sum this up for all the home viewers.. I hate Florida.. I hate the people I have to deal with here on a regular basis and I want to come the fuck home. Is there any question as to what I mean? I think I've made it pretty damn clear and simple to

Can you say BUSY?

I worked a registration window almost all day yesterday.. and all day consists of 6am to 7pm... I shit you not! Let's work some math, shall we? Eastern time -1 hour.. daylight savings time -1.. getting up at 5am = really 3am for us Central time zone fol

2 conventions in a year....

Is 2 too many? I don't know.. today is way better than yesterday.. I only worked a register for a couple hours today.. nothing like yesterday... it's also a lot slower so I don't need to stand in the room with the registers... makes me happy.. cause that

Childhood dreams??

You know those early childhood fixations? Like.. I wanna be a fireman and things like that? They aren't really dreams or fantasy's, just things that you were interested in when you were little. Well, when I was little, I always had a thing for backhoe'

Um yeah.. Here comes the rain.

As per usual.. I attract bad weather like the plague.. It basically rained 80% of the day today.. which made building our "slickhut" a royal pain in the ass. We had the floor and walls done yesterday.. today we built the frame for the roof and sheeted i

woot! First post from Florida

Okay.. I've been in Floriday since Thursday and this is the first post.. Bite me! The first few days, I didn't have my machine setup and the rest, I was just too damn busy until now.. :)

Friday sucked hard core.. we had a ton of problems.. but as

Second post

um yeah.. number 2 from Florida. I forgot to mention that I can play games through the firewall here.. so that makes me happy. :)

here we go...

This is my last post for awhile... I'm working part of the day today and then it's off to bed with me. I have to get some sleep before I leave at 3am to cannonball it down to Florida. I should be able to post from FL without too much trouble, but we'll

My give up!

I give up on that machine. I have replaced everything but the damn motherboard and processor.. so that's next.. but it's time for me to pack my crap and leave.. so I have to pass the torch..

The list is actually starting to get smaller. I might

It's a keeper

I've decided to NOT sell my xbox.. I really contemplated selling it.. but I already bit the bullet and dropped the cash and I'd hate to have to do it again when a really good game finally releases for it. Instead, I'm going to keep it, buy the dvd playba

What do I have to do? Jumpstart this mofo??

I'm still trying to get this machine running for a friend... It really, really hates me.. That is about where I'm at in troubleshooting it. I have replaced everything but the core components. I'm going to try to find some different ram to try.. if that

Not just busy.. super busy

I'm slowly working through my list of shit to do...

For Karl: "You Must Be Outside To Call Shotgun The best way to establish exactly when the deed is done is to define this moment as the instance that you have left the building in which the d

Damn you Florida!

The list never gets shorter.. when I complete one thing.. 2 more get added. 2:00AM next Wednesday is approaching fast.

Wierd, Wild stuff.

We are having a few goofy networking problems today... from a main servers' nic magically become disabled.. to some links causing troubles on the network. Working my way through them... I'm just not ready to go to Florida yet... shit, I just remembere

Medical update. :)

My uvula is all good. No sore throat or any other issues.. wierd.


I'm at work.. but I'm going home sick in a few.. I have a swollen uvula and it's really pissing me off.. That is the hangy-ball thingy in the back of your mouth.. I read that it could be the onset of strep.. or any number of other things.. ranging from


I ended up going to the Calumet St. McDonald's last night to try to fix their pc for RR.. cause I'm a nice guy... but again.. that piece of shit gateway decided not to work. I decided that it's McFarked!

It's Friday... I'm busy as hell... and the

Yo! Sup peeps?

All quiet here.. Tuesday night I worked late to install our new switches.. w00t! Took me a while to figure out why the network was going all wack.. but then I figured out that the new HP switches have fully autosensing ports.. including cross overs.. me

Fucking goat roped...

I think my middle name should be goatrope.. cause I get fucking picked to be bitch on all the heavy days.. and I mean heavy days like a heavy period, as the women call it. The fucking phone won't stop ringing with different people bitching about god know

Holy shit.. the phone stopped

I can't believe it.. 4 minutes and the phone hasn't rung... Like I said.. I know some of the people that I helped out this week, do in fact read my site.. I don't want you thinking that I get all pissy about helping you out.. I enjoy helping you out.. It

You wanna kick my ass, why?

This is going to be a very shortened version of the story.. Last night I was driving to my friend Rick's house with Ben. We were on a county road just North of town. I was behind a guy driving the speed limit. Some dood pulled up behind me with a big

Crazy driver story (continued)

Okay.. so I'm sitting at the light, all the traffic goes passed, he honks his horn, I do nothing, he then starts backing up so he can go around me, I then speed off around the corner, he drops to the outside lane and passes me, then abruptly cuts into my

Crazy hick bitch part 3

He tried the pass me and then turn to block my path and get out again.. and again.. the stupid fuck didn't cover the outer lane enough and I drove passed him once again. We then came to a stoplight and there were cars in the outer lane, so I went in the

I can't say enough good things about Tim.

I feel bad that there isn't anything I can really offer him in exchange for his artistic abilities... Tim has been gracious enough to create sketch art of the gods of newlarp from the descriptions that I gave him. Th

Unplanned weekend full of productivity?

I planned on just kinda hangin' around the house this weekend.. and I succeeded in doing that... except for Sunday, but I managed to get a lot of stuff accomplished. Got all the characters for newlarp updated.. Man, I've been dragging that one out for a

meh.. telemarketers suck

I just got a call from some telemarketer calling to verify some local area network information. WTF is that about? Oh okay, here is my network.. here is what I have for security measures.. shit.. here are all the admin passwords... why not? Needless to

Do I take pride in my work?

You bet I do! When something doesn't work, it pisses me off.. especially if it's my fault or something I should have caught right away or never let happen in the first place. But what drives me to insanity is when people either refer to my area of exper

Reality sets in

I'm now beginning to realize how much of a pain in the ass, this Florida trip for work is going to be. I'm not even talking about the stuff in Florida, I'm talking about all the shit I do on a regular basis here in the area that is going to be impossible

Post 100

Since I have moved over to a database driven web page, thanks Mikey.. I did move a few posts over to the new system so that my page wouldn't be blank while I started using it.. but meh... this is the 100th post since the 1st one. :) I'm sure my post cou

8 inches of snow + no heat = damn cold!

It's March and the largest snowfall of the season finally hit us... and for some damn reason, something in my furnace stopped working.. I woke up Sunday and the house was 55 degrees... That's damn cold! It's bad when you can see your breath in your own

A move to Aspen is not needed

Even though our pet's heads were about to fall off... They in fact did not fall off.. Also, the heat is working again as well as the dsl... Now if we only had a briefcase full of money, we would be set. Don't have a clue what I'm babbling about? It's f

How many play reviews come with a poem?

Not sure... but this one does. I went to see the Scarlet Pimpernel last night at Appleton West HS. I went to see it cause of couple of the gimpz0r crew took part in the play. The play was excellent.. the first Act seemed long, but the second act was mo

Where is the review and where is the poem?

Oh yeah.. forgot to put the poem and review in the post. Duh? Here is the poem:

Who the hell is Pimpernel

Could it be one or is it many
That information is worth a pretty penny
Who could it be, where should I look


Holy posts Batman!

Okay.. I will continue with my review now.. Josh and Kyle did a great job! I especially like the part when Josh was inside the sword rack! Don't lie.. I know it was you Ninja! Then in the French cafe, you had 2 girls at once... nice! Then shortly the

okay.. last post today.. I promise

Wow.. I've been going overboard with the posting today.. I guess I'm making up for all the spanks who don't update.. I put up the pictues I took last night.. some are pretty damn blurry.. but they are pics of Josh and Kyle.. so I didn't want to delete th

Sorry I'm so late...

I was at a security seminar in De Pere for most the day today... I even got up early to go... Wow.. that's amazing.. especially since I was right on time... It was pretty interesting.. bottom line.. Nobody's data is secure... and what little security yo


I NEED my computer.... I got a call from googlegear saying that they are testing it and it seems to be working fine. I said that the IDE LED plug must be the culprit. Too bad Asus was a few days late in replying to me with that information... Stupid er

Today's armrest....

I'm going to update the pic of the day in a couple minutes.. you are going to want to take a look at it. It's a stack of switches that are sitting right next to me. It's quite an expensive armrest, if I do say so myself. 3 HP Procurve 4108GL's = me ver

Peter Jackson = the man

I just saw a response letter from Peter Jackson written to a girl at work. She wrote him a while back regarding how much she enjoyed watching LOTR. The address on the envelope was hand written, the contents of the letter were in direct response to her l


Mary has determined that I must be coming down with a flu.. hot flashes, headaches, nausea...etc... all point towards flu... The network assistant is sick today too.. I saw her on Saturday and she said she wasn't feeling well.. perhaps she gave it to me.

This weekend was made for sucking.

Kinda like that song.. these boots were made for walking and I'm going to walk all over you? Is that correct? meh.. doesn't matter. This weekend was so full of interruptions that I hardly feel that it was a weekend. Stupid power strips popping their

It's Backup Day

I don't normally work on our backup systems at work.. but I have to this week because my neighbor is on vacation this week.. She's probably at home playing with her laser engraver... mmm lasers.. I was hoping to work on the logos for my case this week a

Crazy childhood memories that make you laugh

For some wierd reason today.. I was thinking about Neil Diamond.. and then I remembered an old Bose test tape that my dad got with his Riviera and the song about the Robert E. Lee that was on it, sung by Neil Diamond. So I opened limewire and searched fo

Stupid motherboard!

Okay.. I finally received an RMA from googlegear for my motherboard.. I wasn't sure if I wanted to give up on it.. and send it back.. but after dod crashed again on me last night.. which requires a reinstall of dod, it was the last straw. I ganked the mo

mmm Network Upgrade

After many attempts to purchase a network upgrade at work, the planets have finally aligned and I have been given the go ahead. Really, it's all thanks to HP because they are running a rebate where if you buy a certain switch, you get another one for fre

Why do I always forget little Totino?

The last two times I have purchased Totino's Pizza Rolls, I have put them somewhere and completely forgot about them until the next day. The first time was at Rick and Lora's house.. they took them off my hands for me.. cause I left them in their freezer

Collateral Damage...

I saw collateral damage on Saturday... Not bad.. but I seriously find it hard to believe that it was already completed by the time the September 11th attacks took place... I know it was.. but that movie has many coincidental items that really make you wo


I think that is my favorite headline... Pretty sure it's one of the only ones that I reuse... Okay, so I sorted all the clothes in my bedroom... I did many loads of laundry.. but there is still more to be done. We'll see if I can continue the cleaning a

Mystery Science IT

A few minutes ago I went through a typical troubleshooting situation where one problem lead to another problem and I had to work my way through it to identify the cause and resolution of the issue. It started with a workstation issue. A person had probl

What do I need?

You know what I need? Well I should make a list of actual things that I think I need or would like to have in the not so distant future. Immediate needs: I might need a new wash machine... I think mine is on the fritz.. I'll give it one more week and th

Busy busy busy

Been hella busy today.. fixing all sorts of little things and testing bigger ones... but I thought I'd give a shout out to let everyone know I'm still here, alive and kicking. :)

A few months back everyone jumped on the bandwagon to make lists of f

Is it time for Florida yet?

Okay... I'm about ready to sit in Florida for a month now... This half-assed winter is beginning to annoy me. We get a nice layer of snow.. then it warms up and melts partly, then it freezes and is crusty for a week. Anywho.. it's just a little annoyin


And not ones from the beach.. I'm talking about windows shells. Programs that run on top of or in place of the normal windows gui. I'm trying out hoverdesk and litestep. So far, hoverdesk gets my vote, mainly because when you run SETUP, it installs and

So much news... so little time

Okay.. first the bad news.. TBCS 16 was A bomb.. not to be confused with THE bomb. Meaning, it didn't work... and by NOT working, I am not saying that people didn't show up... cause 90ish people showed... but the power in the building would not comply to

TBCS15 video

Without further delay.. here is a link to the movie made from TBCS 15 (fall '01). It's 38MB so 28k'ers beware...

DOD2.0 = the p'zone

Day of Defeat mod version 2.0 was released last night and so far I can only say w00t!!! They finally added a class, machine gunner, and it's pretty damn cool.. you have to fully deploy to reload them too.. which means, going prone.. and extending the bip

Need DOD 2.0??

I gotz the file for ya.. 1/2 the mirrors don't work on the dod mod site... stupid bad mirrors.. Anywho.. I have the 2.0 install over there in the files section.. or it's right here: DOD2.0

It's Tuesday.. I'm congested.. that's it.

It's all in the title my friend.

After I hack up a lung or something maybe I can finish this post... Okay back. I wanted to let people know that my coworker friend who had a stroke might be moving to Theda Clark by the end of the week. He has al

Name it?

Back in the day... people were very anal about naming their cars... you know.. back in high school when you got your first car.. it definately had a name.. My first car was a 1979 Black Cadillac Fleetwood Broughm Di'Elegance and it's name was: The General

It's all gonna change when I grow a goatee

That's a line from SportsNight.. an episode dealing with Dan deciding to grow a goatee to change his image. It's also sort of funny because I saw the Count of Monte Cristo last night.. and the main character is in away for 16 years and grew his hair out

Fellowship of the Ring humor

This = the funny. It's a large journal containing the secret diaries of different characters from the Fellowship of The Ring. It details the strange bonds and incidents that ar

Black Hawk Down doesn't come close to Lord of the Rings

I don't care what the box office numbers show.. Black hawk down doesn't even scratch the surface of Fellowship of the Ring. BHD was a good movie and all... but I don't think it's even near my top 20 list... probably in the top 100 somewhere.. but no guar

It's about time I had some good news

I have few items of good news today... first, I hear that the coworker and friend of mine that had a stroke is already entering a form of speech therapy.. Best wishes!

The other good news is that TBCS16 is a GO! We have moved to the Masonic Temple

Urge to kill rising....

Had to steal the title from Josh's website. :) Um yeah... yesterday was a shitty day and to top it off, I got an email saying that my plans for tbcs were fucked! This did more than piss me off... I would like to cause bodily harm to a particular individ

I don't really hate everyone

Just mostly everyone. :P

If I hate you, you know it.. or you really do have your head up your ass. Today is better than yesterday workwise... but I still have a throbbing urge to hit things.. or maybe put my fist through the wall... I wonder wh

We are go for launch

I have a couple details to work out.. but I'm pretty sure that TBCS 16 will be a go at the Masonic Temple in Oshkosh. I just have to make sure they have enough tables... and then we are golden.. provided that the power doesn't become a problem.

What do you have to do to get a Fair game these days?

I'm not sure it's possible to get a fair game online these days... fucking cheaters are everywhere. I also think it's pretty fucking sad that people who cheat, either really, really suck at it.. or are stupid enough to be blatant about it. The blatant p

more cheater stories

I was playing on tpimps server last night and it was on office.. I was a T. I killed 2 of the last 3 ct's near the window area. I was hanging out by the stairs... anywho... I realized that there was just one guy remaining so I started to look around for

What is the deal?

I'm beginning to wonder about some of my friends... Maybe the tables have turned.. but I sure don't think I was ever this unreachable or unavailable even when I was a total cs whore monkey. A large number of my friends just seem totally distant as of lat

Extended get well message

I know Tom is still in ICU and it's pretty much guranteed that he isn't reading this.. but I wanted to express some additional get well thoughts to him.

There really isn't anything else going on in my little world... I went to the new YMCA that is

HUGE shout out!

I wanna say a huge GET WELL for Tom, one of EAA's very talented programmers.. He just underwent some heart surgery and while recovering from that, he had a stroke. He's in ICU atm in Milwaukee but they hope to move him out of there later today or tomorr

Back in the cs saddle

Bob and I played CS for a couple hours last night. I pretty much kicked ass on the tpimps server... except for some goofy custom map that it went to at one point... bah.. it's still cs.. so it's not that great. :) blah blah.. nothing new.. sorry.

Adam's 4 step problem solving guide

Okay here is the deal. I hate stupid people.. but the fact of the matter is.. most of them aren't really stupid.. they are just a little dense or out of touch with real problem solving plans. Does that make sense? Well.. I don't care.. Here is the deal

Never fucking mind!

My system doesn't seem to work with some people.. Those people can not be helped.. they are fucking stupid! Nothing short of the hand of god can fix that!

Um yeah.. the helpdesk is fun! I really give credit to people who do end user level support

yep... It's Monday

Man, I had a very strange dream last night... I'm sure that watching band of brothers on Sunday morning had something to do with it... Anywho.. it was wierd... I forget now the exact details of it.. but I definately remember it being strange...


no title

I ahh.. thought for some reason that our new help desk person started today.. she is featured in the foto there on the right.. anywho.. I was wrong.. so I'm at her desk again this week... Go me.. I'm a team player.. :)

This is for Steve: "about me" page. And that is a fact, jack! Except for Horizon, whic

Random thoughts about long term companionship

okay... this is wierd for my site.. but meh.. who cares... today is a wierd day. I was thinking about what I want in a relationship. I have come to the conclusion that most people are wacked out in the head in some sort of fashion.. most of these wack o


Today is grazing day at work.. which means.. nobody does any work. All we do is roam around the building like cattle and eat food that each department brings in. Now most of the people in the building our cattle to begin with.. so it's nothing new to th

TBCS 16 is slated

TBCS 16 is set for February 9-10th.. sorry Dasco.. I made a neato graphic for it on the right side there in that featured foto thingy....

Do you doubt your roommate chef's cooking abilities?

I don't... especially after he made this: prosciutto ham rollup tray. Benz0r = the bomb. EAA doesn't even have a clue what they will be mising.. but they tasted some of it today. :P Benz0r i

Archives, archives, archives....

Okay.. the new archive page is funtioning... atm it shows all posts that have been put in the database... including the currnent stuff.. I haven't pasted many of the old data into the database, so I also have a link to the old archives, if you want to re

Lord of the Rings = best movie ever!

Step aside Braveheart, cause there is a new champ in town... If you haven't seen LOTR yet, go see it. If you haven't even planned your attendance to said film, you should be smacked! If it would have been feasible to see it twice last night, I would ha

Is it so wrong?

I haven't played CounterStrike in MONTHS. Multiple months in fact... Since the last jimmylan to be exact. Last night I was bored.. Ghost recon pissed me off with the current mission that I'm on... gta3 and gt3 have both become annoyances to me... so I

Is it Wednesday yet?

Um yeah.. Lord of the Rings is tomorrow... mmmm Ultrascreen...mmm

New site... sort of...

I'm going to start using my asp based site.. so here you go. I will be archiving the old site.. I'll probably end up converting it all over to asp in the near future so that the sql/asp code can handle doing all the archival... which really isn't archiv

Yep... it's Sunday...

Okay... What is going on in my life... I know you can't stand to not hear from me... so I suppose I'll enlighten you into what is currently happening in the world of Adam. I played a couple games of Axis and allies this weekend. One of those games t

More Sunday news

I have to give some extended props to my brother again for scoring me up some tickets to see LOTR:FOTR at the Ultrascreen in Waukesha.

Stupid beige drive plates are no more!

I spent 30 minutes or so, painting my drive plates last night. Well, actually it was this morning... but who's checking? See the picture below:

In other news.. I have a few days off of work..

My case is cut and a poem is being published...w00t!

Okay... my case after many months of just talking about it and drawing the logo in autocad in the hopes of finding a laser cutter weren't totally wasted. I used basically the same logo that BoogieQ designed for me. I had to edit the letters a bit so the

Site Changes

The site is being rebuilt from the back end... meaning, I am going to archive most the data on the front page as of like a couple days ago. Otherwise, I have to copy/paste a fuckton of data into the sql table... which I'm not going to do... so bite me..

Snootch to the motherfuggin' bootch!

My case is cut... It turned out great. I might end up doing some smoothing of the edges but other than that and one little blemish near an "R", it looks awesome.. I'm sure with a little elbow grease that I can make that blemish go away too... Have a

Meh x2

Atom had a good idea for usage of the PLUNDER logo... He suggested that I use it for a Seadogs II clan. Cause SDII has multiplayer in it..

About this company... I think I should make a list of games that COULD have been GREAT with the hel


Not a whole lot to say today... I saw Spy Game, last night and I think it was damn cool! Movies about espionage, especially ones that seem possible are great. The one thing that is strange though is that their recreation of Beirut in '85 is probably

Can't wait to see the results...

Okay.. here is what my side panel looks like right now:

As you can see.. the reverse stencil in on the inside and really takes up quite a bit o

Is it Next Wednesday yet?

As long as my brother Mike doesn't fail me, I will be viewing Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, next week Wednesday at 2:45pm at the Marcus Ultrascreen in Waukesha. w00t!

In computer geekness news... I put the reverse cut vin

Is it Wednesday yet?

How come I'm super tired today? Oh yeah.. cause I didn't go to bed until after 1:30... duh.. Can't wait till my vacation kicks in.... After tomorrow, I don't work until the following Wednesday.. and I might take that day off to go see Lord of The R

Got a case of the Mondays?

Not really... but I'm very glad that I only work 3 days this week... and 3 again next week. w00t! Come to think of it.. maybe I'll take off on the 19th for LOTR... hmmm... I should have bought tickets already, but I haven't..

Everyone is