My little GTi!
So... the Corrado needs the engine overhauled... an expensive and daunting task, one I'm not afraid to begin, unfortunately, I need to have a reliable daily driver to use in the meantime.  I'm driving a bit more these days with my job in Neenah and I don't think the Corrado needs all those miles, so that means she has to go to storage for awhile and I need a daily driver...  enter my new GTi:



My poor Jeep Comanche got the lethal oil change after I traded it in using the CARS (cash for clunkers) program, where I got $3500 for it.  I feel bad for my jeep, but really, it was the best solution because it's not worth anywhere near that much money.

So I picked up my new GTi on Saturday and I have over 300 miles on it already... it's so fun to drive!  The 2.0 Turbo is awesome and so is the 6 speed manual trans and I'm a big fan of the mileage that I'm getting too!  I have this crazy idea in my head that the white gti looks like a stormtrooper mask... so I'll have a plush stormtrooper as my mascot, very soon!
One word. HAWT! Love the choice of white too.
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