Which way is up?
It seems like it was Thanksgiving just yesterday and now it's Christmas already... where is the time going?  The slow start to winter ramped up with a couple of good snow storms now with another one heading our way.  We've only had a chance to go snowshoeing once so far... but I see many more trips in the near future.

I helped Lisa move out of Trish's on Thanksgiving weekend and I've slowly started bringing more of my stuff in.  We made up the guest bedroom already and put the sewing machine in there, next up will be to get the studio setup and we are still slowly but surely working on the game room.  We have decisions to make about the cast iron wood burning stove and the radial arm saw that are in there right now...and we need to have a look at fireplace options for that room as well.  The finishing touch will be deciding on a pool table.

Other things going on... I've been tempted to buy another catamaran.. I found a sweet deal on a 18 footer that would be great for sailing with 3-4 people instead of my 16 that is really only good for two.  We'll see if it's still available come spring, no sense buying a boat in the middle of winter.

Trish and I will be joining Joe and Jeri for the Minnesota Wild v. L.A. Kings game on New Year's Eve!  I can't wait!  I seem to recall, Ben, Karl, and I did a similar trip back a handful of years and we ended up partying in Eau Claire that night.  We won't be driving that night at all as we have a hotel near the rink... so we'll just hang in downtown St. Paul for the festivities!

I'm hoping that Trish and I can make the trip up to Munising, Michigan for the annual Ice Fest, so we can do some snowshoeing and ice climbing.  I hope Lisa will join us again too!  Also, there is a demo day at a local quarry where you can ice climb... we may be able to squeeze that into our schedule as well.  All that in January and Early February.. then Trish, GeeBee, and I plan to make the drive out to Montana for some skiing, snowsports, and good times with her parents.

p.s. I still love my android phone!  Go HTC Droid Eris and go Verizon!
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