Wintersports Wonderland!
Trish and I found a dog headlamp (puplight) and have been snowshoeing at night at the Nature Preserve quite regularly.  Gee Bee wasn't weirded out by the LED light hanging from an extra collar on her chest.  Gee Bee was craving some fun exercise, so now that we all have lights, we'll be going out as much as we can.  It was difficult to take her someplace fun before having the lights as the white dog is hard to keep track of in the snow and we both get home from work after dark this time of year... so we're all getting much needed exercise and having fun doing it!

Along with doing a lot of snowshoeing, it's time for ice climbing!  Trish was nice enough to hook me up with some of the gear necessary, so I don't have to beg/borrow/steal what I need to do it.  There is a demo event going on in DePere at a rock quarry (theicepit)next weekend that we are going to attend and then in early February, we'll be going to Upper Michigan to the Munising Ice Festival (munisingicefest), where we will again demo top end gear and climb some frozen waterfalls.  We'll also be doing some more snowshoeing up there.. .it should be a hoot!

My Sunday hockey has actually been somewhat annoying as of late... I think I'm pretty sure that I'll be playing in Oshkosh next season instead of Appleton.  They charge too much for what you get and the drive is just too time consuming and costly.  Not to mention that I'm very annoyed with some of the rink staff and the team has been somewhat of a disappointment this season.  I love playing with them, there are just too many positives for playing closer to home.

So... on to my next dilemma...  I have a couple things I'm mulling over.  Xbox360 or PS3?  and do I renew my Sirius radio?  I'm leaning toward 360 because it will do my main goal of streaming netflix, which both will do, but it will also allow me to play some sweet games with longtime friends on xbox live.  That said, xblive costs money... whereas currently the sony online stuff is free and the ps3 is a bluray player... so it's a difficult choice.  As for sirius sat radio... well I do use it daily and I spend at least an hour in the car everyday.. but the car is equipped with a 6 disc mp3 changer in the dash and ipod dock, so it's not like I don't have alternatives.. but I like bbc world news and alt nation for new music.  It's tough.. I listen to Stern too, so I'd be paying $12.99/month for that service.. ugh.. just not sure I want to justify it.  I did, however, cancel my ffxi account, so I'm not spending the $12/month on that game anymore... so it could be a wash.  Obviously these problems are pretty trivial when you consider the state of the union and the world... so I'll shut up now and go back to work.
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