It's been awhile... sorry
I doubt anybody is even reading my blog these days... but since it's where I load all my pictures and keep all my important web links... I figure I'll still write here from time to time.. Obviously it won't be as up to date as facebook... but whatever.

Trish, GeeBee, and I took a trip out to Montana last month to visit her parents and to ski!  While out there, I popped the question and Trish said, "Yes!"  Now we are hip deep in our wedding planning.  We've secured a venue and therefore have a date for the event: May 14, 2011, in Oshkosh.  We took some time and visited quite a few locations before deciding on one, but now that is out of the way, we can relax a little bit... although we are meeting with the flower guy tonight and should call up the suggested DJ in the near future to have them penciled in!  Trish decided to have a dress custom made, so that is in the works, I hope.  We picked out my ring and Trish got to see her matching band, those pictures are all on facebook, along with pictures from Montana.  I haven't had time to make a fancy flash gallery.

The proposal took place right after a sleigh ride up the mountain on our way to dinner cooked in a wood fired stove that also heats the cabin at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana.  Trish's parents were along to enjoy the experience with us.  Also while in Montana, we went dog sledding and did a lot of snow shoeing.

What else is up?  Hmm... I did my first 4 ebay sales last week.. made a few bucks from old parts off my bike rack, now that I've converted it over to the GTi.  I've started to organize the garage in preparations for the Corrado moving there soon.  I got some power run, some lights hung and my toolbox joined Gregg's in the garage.  I've also been helping Collin a fair bit on his Rabbit Pickup truck... it's running and has all sorts of new parts in it.. axles, tie rods, ball joints, etc... we steamed the interior, that was a hoot... now it just needs some tires and it will be ready to drive!
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