Busy busy busy!
So, my blog has been quite dead as of late.. I figure most people keep up to date with my daily rantings on The Book rather than checking here on my old bloggy thing.... but since I clicked on the link to login and post, I'll do just that.

Things are crazy busy right now, it's exciting and daunting all at the same time.  Wedding planning is going alright, we have the venue and dj booked.. we have our engagement photos taken but are still in the works of making some "save the dates" for the out of towners.  Branden is moving out of my house in Oshkosh, which means it's dumpster time!  It's also time to finish moving my things to Omro and to renovate the bathroom and kitchen at that house before I sell or rent it... I'll probably put a for sale sign in the yard after Branden moves out and after I've at least done "the great dumpster cleanout"... but I'm guessing in this market, I should just renovate on a budget and get it rented asap.

So, I've been using MS OneNote to keep tabs (punny!) on all my projects and have actually had to make some weekly checklists so that I feel like I've actually accomplished something in regards to these projects.  There are more projects in the works, but I don't need to bog you down with the details but the 'man room' is on that list and so is getting the corrado running!!!

Speaking of which, the corrado had hobbyist plates now and "woot" is on the GTi!

Peace, out!
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