Dumpster is gone.. time to rebuild
So the house is basically empty and we've gutted a lot of it, the dumpster is long gone and we've been working frantically to get things put back together so we can hopefully sell the place.  The new kitchen floor is in, we grouted last Friday and now the place will finally start taking shape.  I can't wait to share pictures of the progress, once there is something to see.  As of last night, the cabinets were still boxed and the appliances scattered around the kitchen.  The plumber was set to do her work this morning, I'll be heading there after work to make sure that was all done as planned... then some insulation will go in followed by drywall, then paint, then the cabinets and counter tops can finally get installed and it will look like a kitchen again!  I think the bathroom could get installed as early as tomorrow.  I've put off the carpet installation until after we paint the bedrooms and dining room.  People will not recognize this place when I'm done... but mostly, I hope somebody takes it off my hands cause I'm not really interested in being a landlord.
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