Time is flying!
The house is just about ready to get listed for sale... can't wait for that to be sold!!!  I'll be making the call this week and should hopefully have it pretty much ready to rock... so I can focus my time and money on other tasks... which are starting to pile up.  The wedding is not far off now, we have a list of things to get buttoned up, invites, menus, flowers, songs, etc... We have to figure out my bachelor party plans too.

In other news, Trish and I joined a group of Loon-a-ticks for some ice climbing and snowshoeing in Munising, Michigan.  We had a great weekend!  We saw the start of the UP200 dogsled race, which apparently is a qualifier for the Iditarod.  We enjoyed some Lake Superior Whitefish, the smoked whitefish appetizer at the Vierling was my favorite.  The micro and nono breweries were also very good!  We found a waterfall to climb, it wasn't very high, but it was a great setting for us to get some practice and work on technique!  It was out of the wind and plenty difficult for those of us who have only climbed a handful of times.  We did a bit of snowshoeing as well and a lot of hot tubbing!  It was a really good time!

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